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ela folders

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My Writing Folder Zaner - Bloser - 12 folders
My Writing Folder - D'Nealian - 12 folders
Really Good Stuff® Author At Work 4-Pocket Student Folders - Set of 12
Writing Process 4-Pocket Student Folders - Set of 12
Reading Reference 4-Pocket Folder Intermediate - 12 folders
Read Every Day Folders - 12 folders
My Writing Tri-Fold 3-Pocket Student Folders - Set of 12
Resource Folder - Zaner Bloser - Primary - 12 folders
Read With Me Folders - 12 folders
Early Writing Process Tri-Fold 3-Pocket Folders - 12 folders
Comprehension Trifold 3-Pocket Folder- 12 Folders
Four Pocket Writing Workshop Folders - 12 folders.

On a daily basis, students are exposed to a variety of different items, including worksheets and readings. With so many pieces of paper floating around, it doesn’t take much for things to get lost or damaged. When it comes to writing assignments, to ensure that they are staying pristine and are easy to find, you need to get your students writing folders.

More than Keeping Work Safe

Not only will 4-pocket writing folders keep your students’ work safe and organized, but they will also instill a sense of pride. Having a bright, colorful, durable folder will let your kids know that you value the work they do. They’ll be excited to store their stories and essays in their student writing folders and will be thrilled to pull these items out of their desks to show you, their classmates or even their parents the treasures that are kept inside.

In addition to storing writing assignments, you can also find writing process folders. These are covered in valuable information that students will need to develop their writing skills and finish their writing assignments.

When it comes to writing folder resources, you can find products for any age group. For young writers, having a folder with the alphabet, common shapes, primary colors and numbers may help them as they write. A folder with common sight words will also benefit students as they draft narratives or explain the context of a story they just read.

For older students, having a folder that explains the different types of essays that can be written may remind them what they are working on during the writing portion of their day.

No matter what your kids need to be successful in their writing endeavors, there’s a student writing guide folder that can help. The best part is that the right folder also allows the students to add their name, so they can take even more pride and ownership in the writings they create and store inside.

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