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flexible seating

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18" Hokki Stool - 1 stool
12" Hokki Stool - Light Blue - 1 stool
Environments® Soft Shell Quiet Space
Greenspace Artificial Grass Area Rug  6' By 9'  Jellybean - 1 rug
Really Good Stuff® Bouncyband Wiggle Seat Sensory Cushion
Environments® 20" Pillows - Set of 6 in Nature Colors
Kids Kore Wobble Chair 14" - 1 wobble chair
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Floor Seating Storage Rack
MyPerfectClassroom™ 2" Germ-Free Two-Tone Blue Rest Mat
The Whatsit Modular Sofa - Gray
Flexible Seating Squares  6 Colors - 6 squares
Really Good Stuff® Sit 'N' Gym Jr. 18" Ball Chair - 1 ball
Reset Spot Rug
Early Elementary Kore Wobble Chair 12" - 1 chair
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Environments® Indoor/Outdoor Single Student Sit-Upon Easy to Clean and Disinfect - Set of 5
Choose Kind Rug 4' X 6' - 1 rug
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Environments® 20" Bright Pillows - Set of 6
15" Hokki Stool - Blue - 1 stool
Environments® Hideaway Log Chair with Cushion
Wiggle and Write Flexible Seat
7' 6" Group Colors Rug - 6 Colors - 30 Squares
Sit 'N' Gym Jr. 14" Ball Chair - 1 ball
Teen Kore Active Chair 18¾"
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Really Good Stuff® Teacher Standing Desk - Bamboo
Really Good Stuff® Teacher Standing Desk - Bamboo
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Classroom flexible seating encompasses a wide range of options and styles that offer great educational value to most learning environments. For students who have trouble sitting still or focusing with traditional classroom seating, this type of alternative seating can provide respite and ease tension. Softer flexible seating options for comfort and movement, often called wobble chairs, are great solutions for students who fidget or need to expend energy in order to better concentrate. Wobble chairs, however, barely scratch the surface of what classroom flexible seating can offer.

Meeting Your Educational Needs

Rugs and floor cushions for classrooms, as well as inflatable balls, bean bags, pillows, modular sofas, and more are all under the umbrella of flexible seating. These solutions can be used to create quiet spaces for reading or play, as well as a more effective means of classroom management for storytime. When thoughtfully organized, classroom flexible seating can encourage socialization and student participation.

Pair these non-traditional chairs and seating with other flexible classroom furniture, and create a learning environment that prioritizes growth and student empowerment through solutions that let children choose what's most comfortable. Have questions about our flexible seating options? Please contact us, and our helpful customer service members will be happy to assist.