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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $79 OR $5 Flat Rate on orders under $79!
FREE SHIPPING on orders over $79 OR $5 Flat Rate on orders under $79!

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Flex Teaching Corner
Flex Teaching Corner
$1,966.91 $1,984.90
12  Items Included
Flex Study Space
Flex Study Space
$2,054.88 $2,105.88
11  Items Included
Flex Group Study Corner
Flex Group Study Corner
$1,651.91 $1,669.90
11  Items Included
Cooperative Learning Headquarters Bundle
3  Items Included
Focused Learning Hub Bundle
2  Items Included
Small Group Center Bundle
2  Items Included
Calming Corner Bundle
7  Items Included
Flexible Learning Pod Bundle
2  Items Included
Angeles® Mobile Sectioned Storage Unit with Casters - Without Trays
The Whatsit Modular Sofa - Gray
SoftScape 15" Round Floor Cushions, 6-Piece - Contemporary
16" Kore Junior Wobble Chair
Early Elementary Kore Wobble Chair 12" - 1 chair
Teen Kore Active Chair 18¾"
18" Hokki Stool - 1 stool
30" x 60" Low Activity Table with Floor Seating Cushions
Angeles® MyPosture™ Chair 14" H - Set of 4
Water Stripes Carpet Blue - 6' X 9', Rectangle
24" x 36" Bowtie Dry-Erase Activity Table with Adjustable Legs
30" x 60" Rectangle Activity Table with Butterfly Seating
30" x 60" Rectangle Activity Table with Ottomans
The Whatsit Modular Sofa - Navy
Drop Ship
Horizontal Soft Rocker
The Whatsit Modular Sofa - Jade

Explore Alternative Seating in the Classroom

Turn any spot in your classroom or at-home learning space into a place of real growth with the flexible classroom supplies from Really Good Stuff®. Every child learns a little bit differently, which is why it’s so important to offer different options that will ensure your students have the best chance at success in their education as possible. Flexible classroom products are designed to empower students to choose where and how they learn best. For example, they might perform better on the floor rather than sitting at a desk. They might prefer a soft stool to sit on instead of a hard chair. These little differences can mean the world to a young student, so by providing flexible seating options in your room, you are ensuring that every kid gets the same opportunity to learn and enjoy themselves. Start exploring new approaches now and discover a wide range of flexible seating options for creating a versatile and productive classroom for all of your learners.

How Flexible Seating Benefits Their Learning

Flexible classrooms are especially popular in younger grades, as this is the time when students are still adapting to the school environment and learning academic expectations. Adaptive seating for classrooms can help these children to feel more comfortable, especially those who have sensory sensitivities that don’t mesh well with the traditional school desk and chair combo. Adding furnishings like soft rugs can provide soothing sensory input for them. For kids who struggle to focus in class, dynamic options like a wobbly stool or even a standing desk can help with capturing their attention and releasing excess energy. Wiggle stools for classroom use may be just the outlet they need to succeed.

Don’t Forget to Include Adaptive Accessories

In addition to flexible classroom seating, every teacher could benefit from some extra accessories to give students the chance to learn anywhere, anytime. Consider getting more portable items that are usually limited to learning in one format or location. We offer equipment such as portable dry erase boards and school supply caddies. You can find baskets and bins, cushions, rugs and more made to make your life easier. Whether you are trying to educate from home or inspire an excited group of students in the classroom, these flexible classroom supplies are available at great prices when you shop online at Really Good Stuff®.