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FREE SHIPPING on Orders Over $99 - use code SUMR99
FREE SHIPPING on Orders Over $99 - use code SUMR99

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Welcome To School Bag Kit - 32 bags
Happy Birthday Multi-Colored Pencils - 12 pencils
Ready-To-Decorate® My "ME" Cube Set
Birthday Cake Scented Pencils - 12 scented pencils
Blue Harmony Complete Deco Trim Bundle - 6 sets of border trim
Birthday Bash Pencils - 12 pencils
All About Me Bags - 24 bags
Birthday Crowns - Set of 30
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Happy Birthday Smiling Ribbon Sticker Badges
Heavyweight Construction Paper Pack - 50 Sheets
Happy Birthday Fiesta Pencils - 12 pencils
It's My Birthday Crowns - 12 crowns
Colorations® Simply Washable Tempera, 16 oz.
Ready-To-Decorate® Doodle Birthday Glasses - 32 glasses
Happy Birthday Pencils - set of 12 pencils.
Pete The Cat® Groovy Birthday Bookmark Awards - 30 awards, 30 bookmarks
Grade-Specific Welcome Bookmarks - 32 bookmarks
Counting Days With Ten-Frames Banner - 1 banner
Excellerations® Cloud Clay
Superhero Self-Adhesive Vinyl Desktop Helpers™ - Set Of 24
Ready-To-Decorate® First Day-Last Day Letters Kit - set of 24.
Ready-To-Decorate® It's Me Gram Bulletin Board Kit - 1 bulletin board set
Happy Birthday From Your Teacher Silicone Bracelets - 24 bracelets

Classroom Celebrations at Really Good Stuff

Is there anything that brings about quite as much excitement as a classroom party, a birthday or a special occasion? The anticipatory excitement is positively palpable! Give your students something to celebrate with these Classroom Celebration products from Really Good Stuff. Even if you’re looking for unique items to make every day feel special, you’ll find it all in our collection of classroom celebration and celebratory fun equipment and goodies that are sure to put smiles on your students’ faces. Looking for great items to honor important milestones in your students’ lives? Adding a festive theme to your lesson plans in honor of a major holiday? You’ll find everything you need, along with great accessories, teaching tools and educational resources, at Really Good Stuff. Start shopping now to find just what you need to create memorable classroom celebrations all year long.

Special School Celebrations

Kids love to have fun; however, it’s not all just about the fun decorations and party activities. Observing special moments throughout the year also helps them to recognize their progress over time and acknowledge important moments. One of the most popular school celebrations is the 100th day of school, since it provides a burst of confidence and energy that sticks with kids until the end of the school year. Other milestones to celebrate include birthdays and, of course, graduation. There are also seasons and national holidays to consider, like fall, winter, Valentine’s Day and President’s Day. Make reading fun with Read Across America events, decorate for the winter holidays and do something super-special for a welcome back surprise that will get the year started on the right foot. Use these events as a chance to educate, inspire and entertain your students with cool classroom supplies and teaching opportunities.

Celebration and Fun

Celebrate learning with classroom themes that correlate with specific times of the year and watch your classroom come alive with excitement and fun. As former teachers, we understand the importance of building a fun (as well as an educational) repertoire. It’s all about balance: Really Good Stuff can help you strike that balance with our selection of celebration and learning classroom themes. We’ve taken the time to handpick some unique products and goodies that will encourage both fun and learning. An opportunity to decorate should never be passed up, whether it is for a small special celebration or a big event. So be sure to stop by our amazing selection of classroom decorations that run the gamut of occasions, characters and learning opportunities, including classroom themes, posters and bulletin boards.

Fun Ideas to Fit Your Budget

Making your classroom feel festive for a holiday doesn’t mean you have to blow your budget on decorations for celebrations. When you shop at Really Good Stuff for all of your classroom celebration supplies, you’ll be able to stock up and save on a great selection of affordable school celebration supplies. Our products are priced to fit a teacher’s budget, even if you’re buying enough favors, decorations and supplies for the entire class to enjoy. Plus, many of the items are reusable, so they’re great investments to keep your classroom on-theme over the years to come. Shop on our website today to save on celebratory school supplies and décor.