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president’s day

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Documents Of Freedom Poster Set
Documents Of Freedom Poster Set
$6.29 $6.99
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Emphasize the importance of U.S. history with Presidents’ Day classroom activities and decorations from Really Good Stuff®. This collection features a variety of fun and engaging products that help to get children interested in learning about the presidents of the United States. With a variety of options for different grade levels, it’s easy to find something that will appeal to your students. Check out the complete collection of décor and activities to find the best fit for your classroom.

A Lesson in American History

many years, this holiday focused mainly on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, who was also born in February. However, this celebration has expanded to include recognition for all the U.S. presidents, making it a great opportunity to enjoy themed educational activities in class. Students can use Really Good Stuff® maps, posters and books to learn more about past presidents. In addition, many teachers incorporate lessons about how the government works, the way elections are held and the role of first ladies. Take advantage of this opportunity to bring students on a journey through the past and present of American government.

Made with Teachers in Mind

The former teachers on our Product Development team play an important role in creating these teaching resources. They use their firsthand experience to help us develop holiday decorations and activities that delight, inspire and educate students. In addition, many of our products come with teaching guides to help you lead engaging lessons as part of your Presidents’ Day classroom celebrations. Choose from this lineup of affordable classroom decorations at Really Good Stuff® to make this holiday a memorable educational experience for your students.