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rugs and mats

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Really Good Stuff® Children's Yoga Mat - 1 mat
Really Good Stuff® Children's Yoga Mat - 1 mat
$23.99 $26.60
You save: $2.61 (10.0%)
Indoor Recess Rug - 1 rug
Reset Spot Rug
KIDSoft Branching Out Rug  Blue  4' X 6' - 1 rug
Choose Kind Rug 4' X 6' - 1 rug
Drop Ship
Geometric Shapes Carpet - 6' x 12' Semi Circle
7' 6" Group Colors Rug - 6 Colors - 30 Squares
Sanitize Here Carpet Runner 3' x 12'
MyPerfectClassroom Premium Solid Carpet 6' x 9' Blue - 1 carpet
A To Z Animals Carpet - Rectangle, 7'6"x 12' - 1 carpet
Really Good Stuff® V.I.P. Rug - 1 rug
Carpet Mark-Its™ - Line-Up Helpers - 36 carpet spots
Angels Rest White Standard Cot Sheet - 1 cot
Excellerations® Road Builder Set
Upper- And Lowercase Alphabet Rug - 1 rug
Dot Marks the Spot to Sanitize Here Mat - 4' x 6'
Hanging Rest Mat - 1 mat
Angels Rest White Standard Cot Sheet, Set of 5
Angels Rest White Standard Cot Sheet, Set of 5
$89.99 $99.99
You save: $10.00 (10.0%)
Flexi-Felt Glides - 100pk - 1/2"H or Less Swivel
Flexi-Felt Glides - 100pk - 1/2"H or Less Swivel
$219.49 $254.25
You save: $34.76 (14.0%)
Alpha Rugs - Oval 6'9"x 9'5" - 1 rug
Nature's Colors Seating 7'6" x 12' Rectangle Premium Carpet - 1 carpet
KIDSoft Branching Out Rug  Green  4' X 6' - 1 rug
MyPerfectClassroom™ 1" Germ-Free Two-Tone Blue Rest Mat - 1 mat

Really Good Stuff® has fantastic classroom rugs, carpets and mats that are both great-looking and durable enough to endure the harshest, most rough-and-tumble wear. Opt for fabulous color rainbow classroom rugs, solid carpets and even an Indoor Recess Rug that features specific games and activities, such as tic-tac-toe. At Really Good Stuff, we offer classroom carpets and rugs that fit your need, theme, and comfort level!

Colorful and Fun Classroom Rugs, Carpets and Mats

Choose from larger group mats or smaller classroom rugs that help provide an outlet for kids who need a break from their desks and can serve as the perfect spot for certain educational activities. Shop individual seating rugs to define personal space and initiate specific games or activities. Find activity-themed classroom carpets that not only serve a soft spot to play, but they also help children engage in games or in other imaginative play with their fun patterns. Some of our classroom rugs, like our series of alphabet rugs, help children learn fundamental language and sequential math skills. Classroom rugs like these offer the perfect balance between education and play.!

Keep Kids Engaged

With these elementary and kindergarten rugs, it’s easier to keep kids interested and engaged in certain activities. For example, you might have the students gather on the rug as you read a story to them. In other cases, an elementary classroom rug can serve as the ideal spot for individual reading time. Have some small group work to accomplish? Use one of our teacher rugs and then consider stocking up on some Carpet Mark-Its™ to show kids where to sit during the activity.

If you have any questions about the classroom rugs, carpets, mats and other accessories featured above, please don’t hesitate to contact us