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accommodations and environment

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Really Good Stuff® Quiet Chair Stay-Put Foot Covers - Set Of 144 - Black
Excellerations® Large Liquid Tiles - Set of 4
Bouncy Bands For Chairs, 5-Pack
Quiet Chair Stay-Put Foot Covers - Set Of 144 - Navy
Quiet Chair Stay-Put Foot Covers - Set Of 144 - Red/Blue
Quiet Chair Stay-Put Foot Covers - Set Of 144 - Red/Blue
$264.59 $293.99
You get an extra 10% off
Sensory Genius Weighted Lap Pad
Noise Muting Headphones - 1 headphone
Bulk Pre-cut Tennis Balls for Chairs - Set of 24
Bulk Pre-cut Tennis Balls for Chairs - Set of 24
$33.59 $41.99
You save: $8.40 (20.0%)
Kids Kore Wobble Chair 14" - 1 wobble chair
Drop Ship
Quiet Chair Stay-Put Foot Covers - Set Of 24 - Navy
Weighted Blue Lizard
Really Good Stuff® Beginning Long Division Dry-Erase Boards - 6 Boards
Really Good Stuff® EZ Stick™ Classroom Line-Up Helpers - 36 decals
Weighted Compression Vest - Medium
Regrouping Mats And Manipulatives Kit - 4 mats, 216 chips
Really Good Stuff® Deluxe I Need Help! Mini-Flip-Charts Set
Slide and Learn™ Number Lines -  Set of 12
Teen Kore Active Chair 18¾"
Drop Ship
Weighted Grey Blanket - 10lbs
Weighted Grey Blanket - 10lbs
$134.09 $148.99
You save: $14.90 (10.0%)
Learning Goals Pocket Chart™ - 1 pocket chart, 14 cards
Classroom Behavior Tracking Kit - 1 multi-item kit
Really Good Stuff® Fuzzy Feet Chair Glides® - Set of 24
100% Organic Cotton Kids Hanging Nest with Suspension - Teddy
Carpet Mark-Its™ - Numbers Through 25 - 26 carpet spots

Special Needs Classroom Accommodations

More than any other type of teacher, special needs teachers know the necessity of proper classroom preparation. This involves proactively planning and setting up a learning environment that accommodates the specific requirements associated with their group of students and types of learning challenges present.

Really Good Stuff® can help. Our product development team consists of experienced, former classroom teachers who continuously confer with all levels of teaching professionals to stay on top of standards changes and new trends. Because we're teachers ourselves, we have direct insight into items most needed in special education programs, whether on-site or via part-time remote distance learning.

Our special needs classroom accommodation/environment products are categorized by grade level, from pre-K through eighth grade. Starting with the youngest groups, you'll find many thoughtful, kid-friendly items that you can immediately incorporate into your everyday class routine.

Innovative Products to Build Classroom Positivity

Really Good Stuff® offers a variety of floor markers, which can help with student attendance-taking in the morning, splitting the class into smaller groups for focused activities, lining kids up at dismissal time or playing any number of games. The Carpet Mark-Its™ – Numbers Through 25 and Carpet Mark-Its™ Line-Up Helpers are a couple examples of products that encourage children to find their assigned place independently.

Balancing mental and physical activities is vital in any classroom, so we provide tools for both. When your students need to burn up some of that seemingly limitless energy, let them play on the Excellerations Large Liquid Tiles — large, clear mats filled with moving, vibrant purple, orange, green and blue colors, for tons of multisensory fun. When it's time to calm down, bodily or emotionally, try the Reset Spot Rug, a soft, comforting plush spot where children can safely center themselves. The rug is especially effective when combined with the Reset Spot Mini Poster Set.

Other products that contribute to a positive classroom environment are our How-To Social-Emotional Poster Set, quick reminders to kids of how to make and keep friends; the Goal Thermometer EZ-Tuck Clip-‘N-Track Pocket Chart™ for motivating children to attain classroom goals; and Fuzzy Feet Chair Glides®, which help to decrease audible distractions from scraping chairs. Finally, reinforce your students' positive behavior with our So Sweet! Positive Behavior Jar.

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