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winter holidays

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Ready-To-Decorate® Heart Map Journals - 12 journals
Candy Heart Ready-To-Decorate® Jumbo Garland - 24 posters
Colorations® No-Glue Fun Foam Frames - Set of 36
Colorations® Create Your Own Keychains- Set of 12
Colorations® Sticker Rolls - Set of 5
Colorations® Wooden Bobble Heart Note Holders - Set of 12
Colorations Scratch Art Snowman Ornaments - Set of 20
Colorations® Winter Decorating Supplies Collection
Liquid Watercolor[tm] 100 Paper Super Shapes, 5 Designs - 100 Sheets
Colorations® Stamp-A-Snowman 15 Piece Set
Colorations® Clear Heart Ornaments - Set of 12
Small Heart Doilies, 4" - Pack of 100
Colorations® Decorate Your Own Wooden Frames, Set of 12
Small Pink Heart Doilies, 4" -Pack of 100
Celebrating Presidents’ Day: What Is A President? Book - 1 book
Seasonal Door Decor Kit - 3 door display sets
Donuts Valentine’s Day Cards And Bracelets - 24 cards, 24 bracelets
Black History Bulletin Board Set
STEM Learning Journals™ - Leprechaun S.T.E.M. Challenge - 24 journals
Insta-Snow® Day - 1 pail of snow
Insta-Snow® Day - 1 pail of snow
$19.79 $21.99
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First Step Nonfiction: American Holidays - 8-Book Set
Candy Heart Glasses - 24 pairs of glasses
Candy Heart Glasses - 24 pairs of glasses
$3.82 $4.25
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Colorations® Decorate Your Own Wood Magnetic Hearts, Set of 12
Enjoy the excitement of the winter holidays at school with decorations and accessories from Really Good Stuff®. This collection of classroom supplies includes a number of fun products for celebrating Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Black History Month, President’s Day and other events that occur during this season. Add a festive touch to your classroom with themed decorations and enjoy fun activities with the whole class that allow them to learn more about each celebration. Start shopping now to discover the full collection of winter holiday décor and activities at Really Good Stuff®.

Seasonal Classroom Decorations

Freshen up your classroom in anticipation of each holiday using these decorations for specific holidays. You can hang decorations with shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day or add Valentine’s Day-themed trim to your bulletin board. Hang signs that provide educational details during Black History Month or display a chart listing all the presidents of the United States for President’s Day and the birthdays of Lincoln and Washington. These decorations will add a festive look to the room while providing an opportunity to educate students about each winter holiday. Check out our coordinating décor available for each event to find the best look for your classroom.

Fun Holiday Activities for Students

n addition to decorations, our winter holiday collection features a number of fun activities for students. They can make their own snow to celebrate the winter season. You might incorporate flashcards or bingo cards into your lesson plans to teach about the presidents. Decorating a bag for Valentine’s Day allows students to express their creativity and get a handy accessory for collecting cards and candy. These and other in-class projects offer another fun way to make your school year more exciting. Shop at Really Good Stuff® to find the best selection of school celebration décor, activities and accessories.