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FREE SHIPPING on Orders Over $99 - use code SUMR99
FREE SHIPPING on Orders Over $99 - use code SUMR99

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Superhero Incentive Charts
Superhero Mini Stickers Valu-Pak - 1,144 stickers
Superhero Super Student Awards - 25 certificates
Superhero Super Kit
Super Power Bookmarks - 30 bookmarks
Super Power Super Kids Bulletin Board Set
Super Power Super Kids Bulletin Board Set
$5.85 $6.50
You got 10% off!
Superhero Self-Adhesive Vinyl Desktop Helpers™ - Set Of 24
Ready-To-Decorate® Super Student About Me Posters - 24 posters
Learning Is Our Superpower Display - 1 banner, 9 masks, 32 cards
Superhero Self-Adhesive Deluxe Plastic Desktop Helpers™ - Set Of 24
Superhero Flat Name Plates - 36 nametags
Student Name Superhero Burst Magnets - 32 magnets
Super Power Durable Book and Binder Holders - 12 bins, 40 labels
Superhero Name Tags/Labels - 36 name tags/labels
Superhero Straight Border Trim - 1 border trim
Learning Is My Superpower Silicone Bracelets - 24 bracelets
Superhero Welcome Banner - 1 banner
Learning Is My Superpower Pencil Tux And Pencils - 12 pencils, 12 tuxes
Super Power Bunting - 17-piece set
Super Power Bunting - 17-piece set
$3.60 $4.00
You got 10% off!
Super Power Name Tag Labels - 80 labels
Adding And Subtracting Money Superhero Game - 2 games
Ready-To-Decorate® All About Me Super Capes - 24 capes
Durable Book And Binder Holders - Super Brights With Superhero Name Labels - 12 bins, 36 labels
Unleash Your Superpowers Comics - 36 comics
Out Of Stock
Unleash Your Superpowers Comics - 36 comics
$1.12 $1.25
You got 10% off!

Superhero supplies from Really Good Stuff help your students build confidence and self-esteem.

Kids are surrounded by superheroes these days. They watch movies and TV shows with them for entertainment. They play video games so they can act like their favorite characters. They use their imaginations and take on those roles while playing outside.

Naturally, students bring their favorite superheroes with them to school. Whether they bring a favorite toy for show and tell, or whether their clothes, backpack, lunch box or other items feature their favorites, it’s safe to say that our children are literally surrounded by their likenesses.

So why can’t kids be superheroes?

A superhero theme goes far in the classroom, especially among younger ages. It’s an outstanding, clever way to reaffirm character and behavior concepts, and it also helps build self-esteem and confidence.

Superhero Theme Ideas

With superhero supplies from Really Good Stuff, you can put this theme to work. Our collection features so many options:

  • Superhero-themed bulletin board ideas: Turn school pictures into comic strip-style action poses!
  • Superhero classroom calendars: List out important dates or achievements.
  • Superhero capes that students can decorate themselves.
  • Comic book-style notes, stickers, masks, certificates and more: These can be used for communication, rewards, incentives and more.
  • Superhero games for the entire class: Have fun while practicing key curriculum concepts.
  • A back-to-school, welcome-back superheroes theme. Start the school year off in an epic fashion.

All these products and more have been designed by teachers for teachers. Our product development team is comprised of teachers, and after more than 25 years in the business, we have a good handle on what actually works in the classroom.

Contact us today about superhero school supplies and more from Really Good Stuff. You’ll love our low prices, outstanding shipping rates and excellent customer service.