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student desk setup and organization

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Classic Chair Pockets – 8 Pack
Classic Chair Pockets – 8 Pack
$74.99 $127.98
You save: $52.99 (41.0%)
Desktop Helper™ 18" Self-Adhesive Vinyl Sleeves - Set Of 12
Deluxe Chair Pockets with Pencil Case – 6 Pack – Black/Turquoise
Writing Process 4-Pocket Student Folders - Set of 12
Homework Folders - 12 folders
Store More® Deep-Pocket Chair Pockets –6 Pack – Black
Store More® Grouping Chair Pockets - 8 chair pockets, 8 name tags
EZ Fit Desktop Helper Tape Strips™ - Set Of 36
Homework Tri-Fold 3-Pocket Folders - 12 folders
Standard Privacy Shield - Set of 12 - 3 Group Colors - Matte
Really Good Homework Folders - 12 folders
Classroom Paper Baskets - 12 baskets
Classroom Paper Baskets - 12 baskets
$89.99 $115.99
You save: $26.00 (22.0%)
Testing Privacy Shields - Set of 12 - Matte
Superhero Self-Adhesive Deluxe Plastic Desktop Helpers™ - Set Of 24

Desktop Products that Promote Concentration and Learning

Help your students stay on track and efficiently set up their classroom learning spaces with our selection of student desk organizers and resources. With our helpful desk accessories for students, create an engaging learning environment that keeps children on task and focused. At Really Good Stuff®, we’ve curated a selection of student desk organizers and set up supplies that keep important paperwork and essentials in order, as well as provide useful reference materials and other solutions. We also have our student desk setup supplies, like chair pockets, that hang over the backs of chairs and provide extra storage for homework folders, books, and more. Privacy shields help eliminate distractions during test-taking and can also help students concentrate. We offer durable, foldable privacy shields that are easy to store and come in an array of wonderful colors.

Additional desk/chair setup equipment includes flip cards or fans that students can use to indicate that they need help or to communicate concerns or responses without verbally interrupting instruction time. We also offer water bottle holders that attach to chair legs, as well as gliders for chair feet to further reduce classroom interruption and prevent the distracting sound of chairs scraping across the floor.

Easy-Reference and Organizational Materials for Students

To assist students with learning and remembering lesson basics, browse our many Desktop Helpers™. These student desk supplies include compact summaries of math and language arts fundamentals according to grade level, such as alphabet letters, geometric shapes, or number lines or grids. Colored desktop reference cards are constructed of either durable vinyl or cardstock that fits into a sleeve made to adhere to the desk surface.

For more classroom organization and setup ideas, browse our impressive array of classroom supply stations, color-coded organization caddies, and pencil/marker storage baskets.Take a look at all these handy ways to add more structure to your students' learning environment. All are geared towards creating a more conducive place for children to focus, absorb information, and stay on-task.

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