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stem science kits

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Steve Spangler Science® STEM Camp™ Collection - 1 multi-item kit
Steve Spangler Science® Extreme Geyser Tube™ - 1 tube, 1 roll Mentos

Our STEM science kits are designed with an educational approach that combines multiple disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in a way that encourages critical thinking and reasoning in students. Developed by a team of award-winning educators and designers, our STEM science kits foster a hands-on approach that pairs learning with fun.

How Classroom STEM Kits Aid Learning

Every STEM science project kit available at Really Good Stuff is created to demonstrate real-life science phenomena and help students explore scientific concepts in unique ways that provide moments of wonder and learning. Our Water Science Kit teaches students about cohesion, adhesion, air pressure, and surface tension in a simple-to-understand and fun way with only a few materials. The Electricity Science Kit introduces students to circuits using energy sticks and other materials. Our Snow Science Kit and Power of Air STEM activity kits provide lessons and examples on superabsorbent polymers and air density.

All of our science STEM kits offer unique lessons tailored to classrooms and group learning sessions, and some even combine multiple different lessons into one easy kit. Our Mysterious Science Kit teaches four different experiments, making it one of our favorite science STEM kits for elementary education.

STEM: A Science Project Kit You Can Trust

With every classroom science kit, your students will marvel at the incredible ways science can be explored before their eyes. Shop our variety of classroom STEM kits, and see the unique ways you can engage your classroom. STEM science kits are designed to make science come alive, mixing the properties of fun and play into a learning solution that's guaranteed to be a winner.

STEAM Learning Kits Can Open Doors

Incorporating the arts into STEM education can help students better grasp critical thinking and out-of-the-box comprehension of science phenomena. If you're looking for STEAM learning kits, our products are also designed to bring an arts element into focus, allowing students to use their creativity in scientific learning and exploration.

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