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Special Needs

Intervention Essentials that Support All Students

At Really Good Stuff™, we strive to help make every classroom a fun, educational and adaptable environment for students of all abilities. Our special education resources and materials are uniquely designed to help you set up an aided education environment that celebrates and addresses each and every one of the individual differences and needs within your class. With some of the best things to purchase for special education classes — including special needs chairs and differentiated instructional aids — we’re here to help you design an adaptive learning environment for all students.

Solutions Made Just for Student Differences

Address learning differences with tools to help your students focus and stay on task longer. For example, you might consider introducing Bouncy Bands to desks to give your kids a quiet, nondestructive way to relieve anxiety, energy and stress while they’re working or listening. Other options include active learning chairs and wobble chairs, which offer some soothing movement to help students stay zeroed-in on tasks for prolonged periods. These brilliant interventions are especially ideal for students who suffer from learning disorders that prevent them from being able to focus for long periods of time.

We also offer teacher-developed special education products that educate while also supporting emotional development, motor skills, communication and more. Really Good Stuff also offers a wonderful array of classroom staples and solutions to help get kids engaged with curriculum, no matter their differences. Perfect for helping meet the unique needs of your student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) as well as Common Core and local standards, these special needs classroom products are uniquely designed to help propel learning while simultaneously addressing differences that are physical, emotional, behavioral or educational.