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sight words

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Sight Words  Level A Pocket Flash Cards - 56 cards
Sight Words  Level C Pocket Flash Cards - 56 cards
Sight Words Level B Pocket Flash Cards - 56 cards
Magnetic Sight Words Set 2
Sight Word Formation Cards - 50 cards
Sight-Word Salad Bar Activity - 1 game
Zingo!® Sight Words Game - 1 game
Magnetic Read, Build, And Write 4-Student Kit - 1 multi-item kit
Magnetic Read, Build, And Write Boards, Letters and Sight Words Deluxe Kit
Treasure Chest Sight Word Game - 1 game
EZ Stick High-Five Sight Words - 108 decals
Sight Words Dough Kit - 50 task cards, 1 tub of dough
EZread™ Sight Word Mini Flash Cards: Dolch Pre-Primer (Red Set)
Sight Word Fluency Drills And Assessment Kit - 25 cards
Learning Success Kit - Kindergarten
Learning Success Kit - Fifth Grade
My Sight Word Journals - Words 1-50 - 12 journals
Learning Success Kit - First Grade
Learning Success Kit - Second Grade
Learning Success Kit - PreK
Sight Word FREEZE! Card Game - 56 cards
Learning Success Kit - Fourth Grade

Reading is the most important skill a person can have. It can be applied to so many facets of life and is the foundation to learning and education. When kids first start learning to read, one of the skills they need is the ability to recognize sight words.

To help kids learn and recognize sight words or high frequency words, having the right tools is beneficial. Starting with sight words for kindergarten and ensuring that students have mastered this task will set them up for success throughout the rest of their educational career. They will then be able to move on to sight words for first grade, and eventually have the knowledge basics to conquer sight words for 3rd grade.

The Best Way to Teach Sight Words

If you are wondering how to teach sight words, keep in mind that there is no "best" way. Every student learns differently, and you need to be able to meet them where they are. This might include using sight word lists, which can be written on a dry erase word pyramid, playing sight words games or even using sight words flash cards.

Having all of these items in your classroom will ensure that your students have what they need to master this incredibly important skill so that they can move on with their reading abilities.

The best sight word activities are those that keep your students engaged and eager to learn. The process should be fun, and the right tool can help make it enthralling and educational.

Learning Sight Words Is Incredibly Beneficial

Not only can learning sight words improve your students’ ability to read, but it can also improve their confidence, comprehension and understanding of context. By starting at the beginning and teaching sight words in kindergarten, students will have the foundational knowledge necessary to be successful in classroom assignments and beyond.