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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $79 OR $5 Flat Rate on orders under $79!
FREE SHIPPING on orders over $79 OR $5 Flat Rate on orders under $79!

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Feelings and Emotions Sorting Bags
Sensory Textured Ball Assortment - 6 balls
Sensory Weighted Dual Texture Shoulder Wrap - 5lbs
Crocodile Activity Wall Panels - Set of 5 Panels
Bingsu Ball 2.5"
Spike Silicone Fidget Grip - 8 Pack
Crystal Bead Sensory Ball 2.5"
Weighted Plush Tan Bunny - 4lbs
Really Good Stuff® Inspirational Sensory Cards – Set of 24
Excellerations® Oval Liquid Timers - Set of 3
Spike Fij-its - Red/Aqua 2-Pack
Smooth Gel Ball 2.5"
Get Moving Twists™ - 10 twists
Weighted Compression Vest - Medium
Bouncy Bands® Sensory Fidget Plush Dinosaur
Light-Up Textured Bouncy Balls - 12 Pack
SwingO's Fidget Toy
Gyrobi Fidget Toy
Giant Stress Ball 4"
Finger Fidget Stones Set Of 12
Weighted Compression Vest - Large
Tangle Therapy Ergonomic
Suction Sphere 5"
Neon Inside-out Ball

Just like a student’s mind is still developing at a young age, their senses are, too. Sensory toys and supplies from Really Good Stuff can help stimulate certain senses, develop fine motor skills and help their senses work together inside and outside the classroom. We have tools to foster all the basic senses for pre-K through eighth grade. Find sight-word formation cards to develop recognizing words on sight or aroma putty assortments to practice recognizing certain smells. Our Magic Sand and trays help students practice forming shapes using their sense of touch while sensory discs introduce young ones to different textures and colors.

Of course, sometimes students just need a way to help them stay calm and focused. Our sensory fidget toys and movement kits help kids de-stress or burn off excess energy in a controlled environment. From classic Fidget Twists™, stress balls and Get Moving carpet activity marks to our complete Calm Down Tools set, students will have a sensory aid to reset and get their day back on track. When these students need some time away from their peers to calm down, our sensory fidgets for the classroom can help. Fill your quiet desk with items like silent calm down tools, tactile breathing cards, calming jars and other noiseless toys. We also have colorful liquid timers that can help them keep track of their quiet time while providing a calming, mesmerizing motion for them to focus on. If you have students who are always chewing on or breaking their pencils, check out our fidget pencils that will preserve your class’s writing utensils.

Really Good Stuff® was created by teachers for teachers with great products, prices and service for classrooms everywhere. Count on us whenever you need sensory learning tools to aid students.