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self management

25-48 of 153 items
Well-Being Log - Set of 12
Tactile Breathing Copecake Cards - 6 cards
Weekly Family Journals
Emoji Feelings Cards - Laminated - Set of 12
Reflect, Recharge and Refocus Poster - 1 poster
Really Good Stuff® Breathing Star 2-Pocket Folders - 12 folders
Really Good Stuff® Emotions and Feelings Photo Cards-Set of 10
Excellerations® Group Books and All 4 Game - 4 books
Excellerations® Emotions Spanish Books and Dolls Kit 2 - 4 books 4 dolls
Excellerations® English and Spanish Emotions Book Full Set - 16 books
Excellerations® Life Skills Book Set - 28 books
Excellerations® English and Spanish Emotions Book Set 1 - 8 books
Excellerations® Let’s Talk About Being Healthy Book Set - 4 books
Excellerations® Breathing Boards and Books - Set of 4 Boards and 4 Books
LA SIESTA® Romano Silver - Powder Coated Steel Stand for Hammock Chairs

As part of our social-emotional learning resources, we offer a selection of self-management tools for students. One of the five pillars of SEL, self-management is the next step after self-awareness, and it’s the ability to take those emotions that students recognize and manage/regulate them effectively. Self-management encompasses a variety of emotions, ranging from stress management to aspirational emotions, like self-motivation. At Really Good Stuff®, we offer an assortment of self-management tools for students that can help them develop skills for academic and lifelong success.

SEL Self-Management Books & Activities

Our SEL self-management tools incorporate helpful books for both English and Spanish language students. The books featured in our SEL Excellerations® line, such as the Excellerations® Let’s Talk About My Actions Book Set or Excellerations® Life Skills Book Set, cover a wide range of topics and can be ordered in sets with corresponding emotions dolls and building blocks. For other self-management strategies for students, we offer group activity kits, yoga, and other products that help children understand SEL self-management through exploration and engagement with these resources.

Shop Really Good Stuff, and discover a wide variety of self-management tools for students that can reinforce important concepts and set your children on a path to lifelong success. If you have any questions about our SEL self-management resources, please contact us. Our helpful customer service members will be happy to assist.