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Inspire U Posters - Before You Speak...
Really Good Stuff® Chill Chips – Set of 40
Really Good Stuff® Breathing Star Tactile Cards - 6 cards
Inspire U Poster - We Are... - 1 poster
Really Good Stuff® Social-Emotional Large Privacy Shields™ – Set Of 4
Inspire U Posters - Think Positive And Positive... - 1 poster
Inspire U Posters - A Kind Word Is Never Wasted - 1 poster
Inspire U Poster - Make Today The Day To...
Excellerations® Hand Mirror – Set of 2
Inspire U Poster - Your Actions - 1 poster
Inspire U Poster - Your Actions - 1 poster
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Inspire U Posters - Attitude Is A Little Thing... - 1 poster
Inspire U Poster - Integrity - 1 poster
Inspire U Poster - Be A Buddy Not A Bully - 1 poster
Inspire U Poster - Courage - 1 poster
'Paws' And Reflect! Slip - 500 slips
'Paws' And Reflect! Slip - 500 slips
$8.99 $9.99
You save: $1.00 (10.0%)
Weekly Family Journals
Sensory Genius Weighted Lap Pad
Well-Being Log - Set of 12
Really Good Stuff® Splatter Character Poster Set
Really Good Stuff® Splatter Character Poster Set
$4.99 $5.49
You save: $0.50 (9.0%)
Weighted Animals Kit - Set of 5
Really Good Stuff® Ready-To-Decorate® Self-Esteem Foldable Posters – Intermediate - 24 posters

When it comes to social-emotional learning (SEL), helping children understand self-awareness can be challenging. Not only is SEL self-awareness a demonstration of students knowing how they’re feeling, it’s a comprehension of how those feelings impact their behavior and affect those around them. At Really Good Stuff®, we’ve curated a selection of self-awareness resources that help children recognize and identify their emotions.

From SEL picture books to puzzles, games, and other SEL self-awareness activities, discover a range of helpful tools that children can engage with in groups or on their own. Our Excellerations® Let’s Talk About Feelings and Emotions are a great self-awareness resource to get started with, and these book sets can be ordered with corresponding dolls that better help children concretely see emotions. We also offer a range of Excellerations® Emotions and Moods Posters, puzzles, and games that use real photos to help children access their feelings.

Going Beyond Self-Awareness

Our SEL self-awareness activities are strongly rooted in just one of the 5 pillars of social-emotional learning. Once students have a better understanding of their feelings and how those feelings inform their actions, they can take it a step further and learn about self-management, decision-making, social awareness, and relationship skills. SEL resources and activities like these can lay the foundation for lifelong success beyond education. With the right tools and skills, students can tap into a greater understanding that will help them throughout their lives.