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sel teacher favorites

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Tactile Breathing Copecake Cards - 6 cards
Sensory Worry Stones
Really Good Stuff® Sensory Strips Variety Pack – Set of Four
Excellerations® Calm Down Fidget Kit - 16 Pieces
Hand Held Fidget Kit - Set of 5 Fidgets
Relaxable Stars Squishies 12 Pack
Really Good Stuff® EZ Stick Sensory Path  Rainbow - 159 decals
Really Good Stuff® When I Am Frustrated Card Set
Really Good Stuff® Positive Affirmation Chips - Set of 100 in 50 Unique Designs and Sayings
Noise Muting Headphones - 1 headphone
Really Good Stuff® Breathing Star Tactile Cards - 6 cards
Excellerations® Orb Squeeze Balls - Set of 4
Social-Emotional Learning Conversation Cards
Really Good Stuff® Social Skills Board Games - 6 board games
Emoji Feelings Cards And Cubes - Set of 12
Morning Meeting Chips - 40 chips
Really Good Stuff® I Need Help Mini Flip Chart Set
Really Good Stuff® Chill Chips – Set of 40
Social Skills Discussion Cards - 20 cards
Really Good Stuff® EZ Stick Sensory Path  Get Moving - 98 decals

Step into a world of social-emotional learning (SEL) resources hand-picked by teachers at Really Good Stuff®. Our selection boasts the best sellers in SEL tools including journals, calm down tools, positive affirmation cards, and more, making it a go-to spot for educators looking for trusted and effective SEL aids.

Essential SEL Tools: Journals, Calm Down Tools, and More

Our SEL best sellers are loved by teachers and students alike. The thoughtfully designed journals offer a personal space for students to express and explore their feelings, facilitating emotional literacy. Alongside these, our popular calm down tools aid students in self-regulation, fostering a serene learning environment. These tools create an engaging and empathetic learning environment that facilitates emotional literacy, enhances self-regulation, and fosters social intelligence.

Elevate Learning with Teacher Favorites

Teachers are at the heart of every classroom, and the tools they favor have a huge impact on the learning environment. That's why our teacher favorites are designed to align with classroom needs, enhancing social-emotional learning and fostering a positive, collaborative atmosphere.

Check out our wide selection of teachers favorite SEL tools at Really Good Stuff. These resources, handpicked by teachers and appreciated by students, are designed to transform your classroom into a nurturing space where learning and personal development go hand in hand. Explore our top-rated SEL tools and make learning a joyous journey for your students.

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