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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $49
FREE SHIPPING on orders over $49

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Investigation Jumbo Poster - 1 poster
Build-Your-Own Flip Books™ - The Scientific Method - 24 flip books
Excellerations® Magnetic Wands - Set of 6
Gallon Measurement Set
Gallon Measurement Set
$46.99 $49.34
You save: $2.35 (5.0%)
Excellerations® Magnetic Chips - 100 Pieces
Science Learning Journals™ - Ocean Zones - 24 journals
Science Learning Journals™ - Ocean Zones - 24 journals
$9.99 $19.99
You save: $10.00 (50.0%)
Steve Spangler Science® Energy Stick® - 4 Pack
Plastic Eyedroppers - Set of 12
Build-Your-Own Flip Books™ - Weather - 24 flip books
Colorations® Wooden Building Craft Sticks - Set of 600 Sticks
Life Cycle Figurines - 24 Pieces
Water Gel™ - 1 lb.
Water Gel™ - 1 lb.
$16.99 $33.06
You save: $16.07 (49.0%)
Steve Spangler Science® Bottles – 1 L (6-pack)
Diary Of A Worm - 1 book
Original Butterfly Garden - 1 set
Ladybug Land
Steve Spangler Science® Color Fizzers™ True Color Tablets - 100-Pack
Gravity Maze Game - 1 game
Foam Alive  1 Lb. Bag - 1 lb. of foam
Foam Alive 1 Lb. Bag - 1 lb. of foam
$13.99 $15.99
You save: $3.49 (22.0%)
Steve Spangler Science® Growing Body Parts Jar
Science Sorts™ - Rocks - 40 sticks, 1 box
Artie 3000™ - programmable drawing robot set
Steve Spangler Science® String Slime™ Deluxe Set

Teacher-Created Science Products

Remember the excitement the first time you completed your first science project or learned about the moon? Share that joy and inspiration with your students every day using science teaching supplies from Really Good Stuff®. The time from pre-K through middle school is when you lay the groundwork for kids to start dreaming of becoming biologists, physicists, and astronomers. Teach fundamentals and advanced concepts with science teaching supplies and resources that get kids excited to learn. We have everything from school science posters for kids and engaging science manipulatives to gardening kits that put classroom lessons into practice. Everything is created by teachers for teachers and follows strict safety standards, so children will be safe as they explore. Adult supervision is recommended.

Classroom Science Made Fun

Find hundreds of science products at that teach all about Earth and space science, life science, and physical science. Our selection of books alone could fill a homeroom shelf. Whether you need 1st-grade science books about animals, 3rd-grade science books about magnets, or books for your 5th-grade unit on elements and matter, we have them — in Spanish too! Science toys such as energy sticks, life cycle puzzles, UV color-changing beads, and extreme bubble concentrate demonstrate scientific principles in a way that will fascinate. Our StoryTime Science™ kits are another fun classroom activity where students conduct experiments related to a popular kid’s book.

Exciting Science Kits

Our classroom science supplies include an assortment of educator-developed science kits from Steve Spangler Science®. With these science kits, teachers and students can explore a range of exciting topics through classroom experiments and activities. From magic sand and polymers that make “insta-snow” to experiments that teach children about electricity or weather, our science kits leave no stone unturned. Shop our assortment, and find science products that enhance your lesson plans.

Solutions for Every Science Class

From traditional learning methods such as science vocabulary cards and journals to marble games, ant farms, and Build-Your-Own Flip Books™, our science teaching supplies have a way to keep young learners engaged and interested. Really Good Stuff can assist with creating a kit or an entire science curriculum for the year ahead. With our volume pricing and regular discounts, schools and districts can afford to teach high-quality science lessons on a tight budget. Call or use live chat Monday through Friday to talk to a real person who understands your needs.