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Real World Folding Geometric Shapes™ – Set Of 32

Item #160294
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8 shapes, 24 nets
Unfortunately this item has been discontinued
Product Overview
Ages: 5+ / Grades: K+

Teach Basic Geometry The Fun Way With A Cool Set Of Folding Geometric Shapes

Vivid, familiar images and three-dimensional shapes combine to help students connect geometry to their world! Display shapes in their flat forms (nets) to teach symmetry and surface area, or fold the nets into the clear solids to highlight the presence of geometric shapes in everyday life. Whether theyre visualizing soup cans in cylinders for the first time or learning basic geometry concepts, students will find a new shape adventure awaiting them around every curve, edge, and vertex!

  • Teach Basic Geometry: This set allows your class to explore eight common shapes with 24 associated nets: cube (crate, die, gift, letter block); cylinder (battery, paint/soup/trash cans); hexagonal prism (aquarium and honeycomb); rectangular prism (building, hay bale, trunk, washing machine); triangular prism (cheese wedge, piece of cake, tent); square pyramid (Egyptian pyramid, gemstone); triangular pyramid (floor sign, teepee); and cone (Christmas tree, ice cream cone, party hat).
  • Different Ways To Play: You can play with these nets and shapes in various ways to cement concepts. Try Mix and Match...divide the nets into one pile and the solid shapes into another. Challenge students to match the nets to the shapes without folding them. Then, check their answers by folding the nets into the shapes. Afterward, discuss the similarities and differences among the shapes.
  • Look For Real Life Examples: Another way to use the set is to display each illustrated solid on a table. Discuss other real-world objects that share the same shapes as those in the set. Have students look for similar objects in the classroom and place them beside the illustrated shapes for comparison. Or invite children to bring more objects from home that share the same shapes as those in the set.
  • Turn It Into Art: Have students trace around the nets on sheets of paper. Then, let students illustrate their own shapes, following either the designs in the set or their own imaginations. Cut and fold the nets into three-dimensional shapes, arranging them in an artistic display!
  • Conceptualize Geometry: Place all the shapes on a table and discuss the similarities and differences among them. Get students thinking by asking questions such as, Which shapes come to a point? Which shapes have mostly rectangular faces? Draw or photocopy a Venn diagram for a dynamic visual aid.
  • Create A Vocabulary Lesson: Display all the illustrated solids and introduce words such as face, edge, and vertex. Use the shapes as examples during discussion.

Get kids working with basic geometric shapes and recognizing how they fill their world with this unique folding geometric shape set.

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  • 8 shapes, 24 nets Shape
  • Size: 3"H each
  • 1 activity guide

Ages: 5+

Grades: K+

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