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Discount School Supply® Puppet Stand
Big Mouth Animal Puppets - Set of 8
Excellerations® Tabletop Puppet Theater
Excellerations® Standing Puppet Theater

Dramatic Play Puppets & Theaters

Explore new worlds and universal themes with the help of our classroom puppets. Many teachers put on educational puppet shows for students as a way of communicating certain concepts. But the biggest benefit is often when you put these puppets in the student’s hands. Pretend play with puppets has been proven to bolster creativity, oral language skills, social development, critical thinking, and much more.

Use these classroom puppets to help students understand what’s around them and imagine new possibilities in a safe environment. If kids want to make a silly voice or sing a song, that’s okay. If they want to put on a serious scene with educational hand puppets, that’s okay, too. Letting youngsters be creative and express themselves is part of the magic of a school puppet show.

Puppet Shows for Schools

Really Good Stuff® has a great selection of handheld puppets for teachers and kids. Our Excellerations® Girl and Boy Puppet Pairs set includes multicultural classroom puppets that allow students from many backgrounds to find characters they identify with — and can also help them empathize with those of other backgrounds. These educational puppets can be ordered in a single set or in pairs, which makes them easy to replace if some ever get damaged.

Our selection of puppets for school includes our delightful Big Mouth Animal Puppets. They’re a great way to tell stories, as escaping from the human world can be a very effective tool. To make your dramatic play session or educational show complete, we also sell tabletop or standing puppet theaters, which set the stage, literally. After your show, our Discount School Supply® Puppet Stand provides a safe storage solution. Enjoy the power of puppetry with free shipping on qualifying orders.