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Creating Quiet Time in the Classroom

Creating a positive classroom environment is about helping students focus and engage without distraction. Classroom Privacy Shields from Really Good Stuff™ aim to do just that. By creating a private, quiet workspace with a privacy shield, students are encouraged to keep their eyes on their own work and stay focused on a single task. They’re perfect for computer work, testing, writing, filling out personal information or creating individualized “offices” for your students. Private time helps kids learn how to work and study independently and these shields make this possible in virtually any learning environment.

High-Quality Privacy Dividers for Student Desks and Tables

These easy-to-use, affordable privacy folders are made of durable materials and can be folded up when not in use for easy storage and transport. Some also come with included storage boxes, while others can be organized with the Privacy Shield Storage Solution. Really Good Stuff produces our regular privacy partitions using strong, corrugated cardboard and our deluxe models with durable, corrugated plastic, so you can be sure they’ll endure for many years of use. Each study corral is finished with fun colors, prints and patterns on the outside to bring a pop of personality to the classroom.

Outfit your entire classroom with a set of privacy folders or dividers from Really Good Stuff. Whether you just need a few or need a set for the entire classroom, we can help you find the right options for a great price. We’ve even got multiple-station Privacy Shields that allow you to partition collaborative workspaces for privacy. Really Good Stuff offers high-quality, educator-developed teacher and classroom supplies that help you boost classroom engagement and student performance, so be sure to explore our entire selection for more smart ideas!