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primary grade nameplates

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Zaner-Bloser Bus Shaped Self-Adhesive Vinyl Desktop Helpers™ - Set Of 24
Really Good Stuff® Boho Primary Student Area Kit
Paw Prints Self-Adhesive Deluxe Plastic Desktop Helpers™ - Set Of 24
Superhero Self-Adhesive Deluxe Plastic Desktop Helpers™ - Set Of 24
Superhero Self-Adhesive Vinyl Desktop Helpers™ - Set Of 24

Desktop Helpers — Right-at-Hand Curricular Reinforcement

Really Good Stuff has a variety of vibrant, high-quality desktop helpers that adhere to students’ desks, displaying curricular content for children from pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade. These sturdy, vinyl-covered desktop cards stick securely, but also come off easily when you wish to remove them.

Desktop helpers are appropriately named because they reinforce a variety of key curricular topics covering both language arts and mathematics. We provide a variety of desktop helpers tailored to standards-based topics for each grade level. Brightly colored graphics and engaging pictures help to highlight the valuable information of each.

Working with Desktop Helpers

When children have specific questions, work through the problem with them individually using the reminders on the desktop helper. In this way, they learn how to apply the Helper’s information, which strengthens their understanding of the concept involved and trains them to use this resource in the future to find answers independently.

Desktop helpers for early primary grades incorporate concepts such as print and cursive letters, 2-D and 3-D shapes, left versus right, number grids, number lines, base ten, place value and money, as well as spaces for children to print their name. For grades 5 and 6, Helpers include a number line from -20 to +20, and additional math-related information on fractions, decimals, percentages, place value and multiplication.

For the Fidgeters

For students that have difficulty sitting still or focusing, check out the Sensory Desktop Helper (set of 12). A truly unique product, these Helpers have 19 textured shapes adhered to them, along with dimensional, squiggly lines to touch and trace. There are also detachable sensory cards at the bottom, which kids can take with them as they walk about the room. This Sensory Helper has a calming and centering effect, helping children to re-set and re-focus.

Our Desktop Helpers are durable enough to last the entire school year, and provide a literally right-at-hand resource for your students to apply and absorb key information.

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