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pencil sharpeners

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One Hole Pencil Sharpener (single sharpener)
One Hole Pencil Sharpener (single sharpener)
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SuperPro 6™ Commercial Pencil Sharpener - 1 electric pencil sharpener

Great Tips on Electric Pencil Sharpeners

Every teacher knows the necessity for a good-quality, reliable pencil sharpener in their home or school classroom. Once you’ve stocked up on pencils from Really Good Stuff’s wide assortment, it makes sense to choose a sharpener that won’t let you down.

The electric SuperPro6™ Commercial sharpener by Bostitch is one option for the sharp-minded teacher, featuring high-capacity performance with a fan-cooled motor and automatic overload protection. Its dual-helical cutter offers sharpening precision, and a selection dial gives you capability to sharpen six different pencil sizes, including jumbo. And no worries about it being knocked to the floor with its stable, suction-cup-secured base.

For those of you who want low-noise shh—arpening, we present the Quiet-Sharp™ electric pencil sharpener, also by Bostitch, which quietly, powerfully and consistently handles large-volume sharpening needs. Its high-output motor with thermal overload protection keeps working, with durability to take on the demands of a large classroom.

The Quiet-Sharp™ sharpener also features MagnaSafe™ shutoff technology, stopping the motor when the shavings tray is removed. In addition, Tip Saver Technology™ prevents over-sharpening, giving extra life to your pencils. With a size selection dial to accommodate six different pencil sizes, plus an extra-large base with suction cups to keep it secure and stable, this sharpener is ideal for voluminous sharpening needs.

Always a Welcome Gift

Of course, for a more individualized approach to classroom pencil sharpening, Really Good Stuff has translucent, brightly colored Geoshapes pencil sharpeners, which are a wonderful value at 24 sharpeners per package. Kids love these cool pencil sharpeners in assorted geometric shapes.

All teachers need a classroom pencil sharpener, and many types of offices use them as well. With that in mind, one of the electric sharpeners we offer at Really Good Stuff might make a perfect gift. The Geoshapes sharpeners also make fun, goody-bag additions for kids of any age.

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