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paint & paint tools

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Colorations® Black Canvas, Set of 24, 8" x 8"
25 Assorted Paint Brush and Applicators in a Cylinder
Colorations® Sponge Painter Variety Pack of 6
Colorations® Silicone Paint Mixing Cups and Canvas
Colorations® Silicone Mixing Cups - Set of 4
Colorations® 4-Way Indoor / Outdoor Acrylic Panel Easel
Colorations® 3-Way Indoor / Outdoor Acrylic Panel Easel
Colorations® Large Area Paint Brushes - Set of 5 sizes
Colorations® Large Area Paint Kit
Colorations® 2-Way Indoor / Outdoor Acrylic Panel Easel
Colorations® Best Value Plastic Handle Brushes and Paint Mixing Cups
Colorations® Deluxe Space-Saver Drying Rack - 1 rack
Colorations® Plastic Handle Jumbo Chubby Paint Brushes - Set of 12
Colorations® Easy-On Art Smocks - Set of 6
Colorations® Fun Shapes Paint Swatters - Set of 24
Colorations® Sponge Painting Variety Value Pack
Colorations® Shaving Paint Brushes - Set of 6
Colorations® Brawny Tough Plastic Art Trays - Set of 5
Colorations® Best Value Easel Paint Brush Assortment - Set of 24
Colorations® Assorted Chubby Brush Super Pack - Set of 60
Colorations® Watercolor Paintbrush Classroom Pack – 144 Pieces
Colorations® Mobile Art Rack with 10 Trays
Colorations® Brawny Tough Large Plastic Art Trays Set of 5
Colorations® Waterproof Apron — Set of 12

At Really Good Stuff®, we have everything you need to make your next arts and crafts session a blast! Shop our assortment of paints for school, and uncover a variety of eye-catching, washable tempera paints, watercolor sets, and other exciting painting supplies. We offer everything from the basics to unique tools and paints for school that promote creativity and imagination.

Classroom-Sized Savings

Whether you’re looking to add new art supplies to your classroom or stock up on a few paint supplies, we offer sets and bundles designed around teachers’ needs. Our Classroom Basics Bundle includes art essentials like washable tempera paints, brushes, and paint sticks, so you can order everything your classroom needs in one click. Looking to stock up on a few essentials? Our tempera paint comes in 16 oz or gallon multipacks, or you can purchase each color individually. We also offer a variety of single-user watercolor paint sets. Purchase watercolor sets one-by-one or in classroom-sized packs for maximum savings.

Amazing Painting Tools And Accessories

No classroom painting session is complete without brushes, canvas, easels, and other fun accessories! At Really Good Stuff, we offer an array of paintbrushes for different ages and painting styles. For smaller children, opt for our Colorations® Plastic Chubby Brushes for easier gripping. Products like our 25 Assorted Paint Brush and Applicators offer a variety of different sizes and painting tools that allow for more freedom in creative expression. Are you in need of canvas? Colorations® Black Canvas provides an appealing, cotton backdrop that makes artwork shine. These, along with our rollers, easels, and other accessories, are just a handful of ways that you can encourage imagination and play in your next painting session.

Shop our paints for school today, and find new ways to foster self-expression, creativity, and artistic exploration.

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