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numbers and counting

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Excellerations® Giant Peg Numerals - 70 Pieces
Excellerations Soft Fruit Counters - 108 Pieces
Find-A-Spot Counting And Numbers Game - 1 game
Natural 1-10 Number Stacker - 1 kit
Excellerations PreK Math Kit - 1 kit
Step-by-Step Number Line - 1 number line mat.
Step-by-Step Number Line - 1 number line mat.
$41.99 $46.19
You save: $4.20 (9.0%)
Math Learning Journals™ - I Can Use Tally Marks! - 24 journals
Numbers To 20 Magnets And Task Cards Kit - 160 magnets, 40 cards
Sandpaper Numerals 0-20 - 21 cards
Creative Color Cubes Activity Set
Farm Animal Counters - 72 counters
Farm Animal Task Cards - 22 cards
Stacking Counters And Task Cards Kit - 500 counters, 21 cards
Numbers 1-10 Tracing Tiles - 20 tiles
Excellerations Wild Animal Counters - 120 Pieces
Excellerations Under The Sea Creatures - 128 Pieces
Excellerations Under The Sea Creatures - 128 Pieces
$41.11 $41.22
You save: $0.11 (0.0%)
Really Good Tug Of War - Subtraction Within 10 - 1 deck of 65 cards
Preschool Family Engagement Kit Counting
Excellerations Wooden Shape Puzzles  Set of 10
Excellerations Farm Animal Counters - 108 Pieces
Excellerations Assorted Bug Counters - 144 Pieces

With games, activities and resources from Really Good Stuff®, you can make learning about numbers and counting more fun for your students. Our product development team is made up of former classroom teachers who have been in your shoes and understand what it takes to create engaging lesson plans your students will love. Here, you’ll find everything you need to teach them how to identify numbers and count. We have number counting charts, posters, journals and more.

Engage Students with Games and Activities

We have a wide selection of hands-on number activities and games that are sure to engage your students. Number cards with the numeral on one side and the word on the other are great for teaching students how to identify numbers. If you have students who need tactile reinforcement, sandpaper numbers can create a mental connection between the shapes of numbers and the feeling of drawing them.

After your students have grasped the concept of numbers, use a Subitizing Match Mats to help them learn how to identify numbers in different formats like numerals, tallies and words. This will make the connection between numbers and counting. We have other games and tools to support lessons about counting. Math manipulatives like brightly colored animal counters are perfect for counting activities. Break them out on their own and give verbal instructions or pair counters with fun task cards that match your counters. When your students are ready for more advanced counting, use a number board with tiles and have them practice skip counting or counting by evens and odds.

Numbers and Counting Supplies at Great Prices

At Really Good Stuff®, we have low daily prices, which makes it easy for you to decorate your classroom with number charts and posters. Our Really Good Stuff® Number of the Day pocket chart lets you teach a new number each day to your students. It has pockets for the numeral other number forms, including the word, frames, tally marks and what numbers are on either side of it. We also have posters and mats with numbers one through 120 and counting charts. Shop the full selection and find inspiration for your next math lesson.