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numbers and counting

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My Numbers Through Twenty Journals
Really Good Stuff® My Numbers Through 120 Journals - Set of 12
Really Good Stuff® Monkey Matching Number Puzzles - 20 puzzles
Math Learning Journals™ - I Can Use Tally Marks! - 24 journals
Counting Days With Ten-Frames Banner - 1 banner
Molded Jumbo Dot Dice 3" 2pk
Farm Animal Task Cards - 22 cards
Farm Animal Task Cards - 22 cards
$3.59 $3.99
You get an extra 10% off
Really Good Stuff® Tug Of War - Subitizing - 1 deck of 56 cards
Double Ten-Frame Dry Erase Board Set
Really Good Stuff® Numbers Through 10 Practice Mats - 8 mats
Make A Splash™ 120 Mat Floor Game - 120-Grid Floor Mat Set
Subitizing Dominoes - 54 dominoes
Carpet Mark-Its™ - Numbers Through 25 - 26 carpet spots
Excellerations® Tweezer Tasks - Fruity Patterns
Foam Spot and Number Dice - 48 foam dice
Self-Correcting 1-20 Number Puzzles
Preschool Math Manipulatives Kit
My Numbers Through Ten Journals - 12 journals
100 Unifix® Cubes
Counting Caterpillar
1-10 Counting Owls Activity Set - 37 Pieces

Familiarizing students with numbers is a vital component of building their comfort with them, so children will be prepared to use them later in more complex arithmetic operations. Our assortment of related products at Really Good Stuff® supports kids' number fluency in a variety of engaging, challenging, and budget-friendly ways. From counting toys to interactive games and other supplies, find a wide range of products that promote number and counting fluency.

Fun, Interactive Games with Numbers

Starting with students in pre-K and kindergarten, Really Good Stuff® has numerous posters, number lines, and magnetic sets that teachers can display in their classrooms to introduce and acquaint children with numbers. Our EZ-Stick Jumbo Number Line is a bright-colored, engaging set of durable, long-lasting decals that kids have fun walking on as they count or solve simple addition and subtraction problems. It’s a great number fluency tool that can be peeled off and rearranged for different classroom activities.

Younger students will also love our selection of peg number boards and Excellerations® themed counters. With counters, discover bugs, fruits, or animals, like plastic counting bears, that offer a fun activity for developing counting fluency. Kids can count these plastic figurine manipulatives, or sort them by animal, color, or other categories. Counters like our Excellerations® Translucent Bears are also fun for imaginative play, making them ideal for home use as well.

Durable Products for Continuous Number Practice

Our magnetic whiteboard products, like the Double Ten-Frame Dry Erase Board Set and 100 Grid Two-Sided Dry Erase Boards, are versatile tools to provide students with as much practice as they need with numbers and number operations. The Jumbo Magnetic Ten-Frame Set comes with six ten-frames and 74 magnetic circles for kids to easily see and manipulate as they work with numbers. Students get visual and tactile reinforcement while practicing with this set to learn important base-10 skills. These number fluency tools are great for slightly older students.

The counting toys and number fluency products featured in our selection are great for classrooms, but many of them also make engaging activities and products for young children at home. For any questions on our products, please contact us. Our helpful customer service team members will be happy to assist.

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