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no share individual supplies

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Deluxe Chair Pockets with Pencil Case – 6 Pack – Black/Turquoise
Desktop Helper™ 18" Self-Adhesive Vinyl Sleeves - Set Of 12
Colorations® Tempera Paint Sticks Value Pack Set of 144
Store More® Deep-Pocket Chair Pockets – 6 Pack – Navy/ Green
Double-Sided Dry Erase Clipboard - 6 clipboards
Really Good Stuff® Six-Equal-Compartment Caddies - Set Of 6
Solid Color Book Pouches - Set Of 4
Deluxe Privacy Shields - Large - Set of 6
Deluxe Chair Pockets with Pencil Case – 6 Pack – Blue/Red
Really Good Stuff® 4-Compartment Caddies - Neon -Set of 4
Really Good Stuff® Four Equal Compartment Caddies - Set Of 6
Crayon Erasers - 12 erasers
Crayon Erasers - 12 erasers
$6.29 $6.99
You get an extra 10% off
Really Good Stuff® 4-Compartment Caddies - Primary -Set of 4
Group Colors For 6 - Four-Compartment Caddies - 6 caddies
Group Colors For 6 - Four-Compartment Caddies - 6 caddies
$41.99 $52.99
You save: $11.00 (21.0%)
Deluxe Privacy Shields - Junior - Set of 6 - Green - Plastic
Classwork Folders - 12 folders
Really Good Stuff® Four-Equal-Compartment Caddies - Set Of 6 - Tropics
Really Good Stuff® Sensory Desktop Helpers - Set Of 12
Really Good Homework Folders - 12 folders

Multipack Products for Students' Individual Supplies

Although sharing is a behavior both teachers and parents generally want to instill in youngsters, it has certainly become an issue since COVID-19. Items touched by many different hands are now discouraged because of the potential for spreading germs. This is not the only reason Really Good Stuff® offers numerous classroom materials in multipacks that allow each child to have their own, but it is another great reason to do so.

Many of our multipack items come in a variety of colors. For prereaders, colors provide an excellent way for them to identify what is theirs. And using multiple colors to organize various school and arts-and-crafts supplies is helpful to everyone, including the teacher.

Of course, purchasing items in multipacks is economical because the unit price decreases when things are sold in volume. This works especially well for teachers, who are generally supplying a whole classroom of children.

Multipack No-Share Supplies You'll Love

Browse around our generous selection of classroom staples that come in multipacks, and distribute them to students to use as individual supplies. We have everything from Group Color Book Pouches, which come in a set of six different colors, to Children's Five-Inch School Scissors, which come in sets of 12 with six different colors. For arts and crafts, how about the Colorations® Mini Art Trays (set of 12 with six colors) or Colorations® Stubby-Chubby Paint Brushes (set of 12 with four colors)?

Give each student their own journal to encourage individual writing or drawing creativity with our Colorations® Blank Journal Notebooks, sold in packs of 12. Or provide each child their own colorful hang-up tote, which they can personalize with their name and additional artwork.

Endless Organizational Uses

For teachers, there's nothing like multipacks to help you organize your class materials. A few of our most popular include multicolored plastic envelopes with hook and loop closures, pencil and marker baskets (set of 24 in primary colors), homework folders with helpful reminders printed on them, and four-compartment caddies in neon colors, four caddies in each set.

Whether you're supervising a whole classroom of students, doing demonstrations for remote learning or setting up a home classroom for your own children, you'll find these supplies handy and available at excellent unit prices. They make it so easy for children to have some important things they don't have to share!

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