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Colorations® Stamp Pad Set, 14 Colors
Colorations® Smooth Silky Sticks, 18 Color set
Colorations® Giant Easy Grip Chalk Compass
Colorations® Water Doodle Pens - Set of 6
Excellerations® Rainbow See-Through Blocks and Manipulatives - Kit of 5
Colorations® Wheat and Gluten Free Neon Dough - 6 Colors, 2 of each, 2 oz
Colorations® Water Doodle Mat and 2 Pens
Mind Sparks Dry Erase Blocks - 4 Pack
Colorations® Wheat and Gluten Free Variety Pack, 18 Colors, 2oz Each
Colorations® Wheat and Gluten Free Classic Dough - 3 Each of 6 Colors, Each 5oz
Excellerations® Nature and Beach Blocks Set of 36
Colorations® Large Area Paint Brushes Set of 10
Colorations® Silicone Paint Mixing Cups and Canvas
Colorations® Wheat and Gluten Free 18 Color Fun Family Dough Set
Dual Surface Rolls - 48" x 200'
Crayola® Washable Paint, Gallon
Colorations® Neon Decorating Putty- Set of 6
Colorations® Felt Letters and Numbers - 525 Pieces
Colorations® Metallic Smooth and Silky Sticks - 6 Colors
Excellerations® Calming See-Through Blocks and Manipulatives - Kit of 5
Colorations® Wheat and Gluten Free Fun Family Dough Set
Excellerations® Primary Math Kit - Kit of 4
Heavyweight Dual Surface Rolls – 36" x 200'
Colorations® Gel Paint, Fluorescent, 16 oz.

New Supplies Added Every Month

The education field is always evolving, and teachers are always in need of new ideas to keep students engaged and to enhance their learning environment. At Really Good Stuff®, we’re regularly adding new teacher must-haves and classroom supplies. Young children of ages 3 and up can develop their fine motor skills and explore new colors and shapes with the Magna-Tiles® Ultra Classroom Pack, which includes a variety of colorful tiles that can be used to create three-dimensional designs. Shining a light through these translucent creations will bring out their beauty and encourage the kids to go even further in their construction efforts.

Help Children Succeed in STEM Subjects

Children ages 6 and up will discover a new passion for science with new classroom items that teach and reinforce STEM subjects. . The STEM Success Kit: Amazing Scientist from Steve Spangler Science® will help children understand basic scientific concepts like chemical reactions, volume, color mixing, and measurement. This kit includes the materials needed to conduct 6 different experiments for groups of one to four kids, as well as step-by-step instructions and activities to take the ideas even further. Children can learn how to develop a science fair project and how to apply the scientific method in real life. Adult supervision is required for these experiments. Start inspiring the scientists of tomorrow with STEM education supplies.

Top-Quality Teaching and Education Supplies for Your Classroom

Really Good Stuff offers a great selection of new, high-quality teaching supplies for your classroom. The Excellerations® Sensory Silicone Mats is a fun way for children in pre-K and kindergarten to start recognizing colors and shapes, get physically active, and learn about different textures. The kit includes durable, non-slip mats in five different shapes that can easily be wiped clean with soap and water, so kids can go barefoot if they choose. The Excellerations® Sensory Light Box is another way that children ages 3 and up can learn about colors and textures. They'll be awed as they enjoy the mystery of the big, color-changing cube that shines with 16 different colors.

These classroom items are just a sample of the teaching supplies that we’re adding and featuring every month. Our new and featured selection showcases recent classroom supplies and additions that can add something new to your next lesson, as well as engage children of all ages. Check this assortment often, and find education supplies that offer new and unique approaches that can set your students up for success.

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