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multi-compartment stations

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27-Slot Mail And Supplies Center With 27 Trays, 6 Cubbies, And Baskets - Single Color - 1 mail center, 6 baskets
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Compartment Cubby Storage for Classrooms

One of the best ways to maintain classroom organization is by separating items into sections. These multi-compartment classroom storage shelves, cubbies, and organizers make this task easy. Use them to set up a system where both you and your students know exactly where everything is supposed to go. With an efficient system in place for your classroom storage, you'll be able to keep your classroom on task and more focused on accomplishing goals.

At Really Good Stuff®, our product development team is staffed by experienced former teachers who understand what educators need. Get the right multi-compartment classroom storage solutions that make your learning environment more efficient while stretching your budget further.

Multi-Section Classroom Desk Organizers & More

Whether you need a few compartments or a few dozen, we have the storage solutions. Find the perfect student mailboxes for the classroom, or use one of our cubby systems as a handy construction paper organizer for arts and crafts. Our student mailboxes include mail slots for up to 27 students and staff members plus half a dozen storage cubbies with baskets. It's available with or without mail trays in a choice of colors. Clear tray storage cabinets let you store paperwork, writing supplies, toys, or anything else. A desktop bookshelf with cups is great for a variety of purposes, storing both books and writing utensils neatly.

Keeping a student's workstation ready is just as important, and our multi-compartment classroom storage solutions get the job done. Corrugated desk organizers are designed to slide into open desks or large desk drawers with four convenient compartments. These classroom desk organizers come in sets of four and are durable, yet light enough in weight for children to hold. We make it easy to shop for what you need while enjoying great value on high-quality products and classroom storage shelves. Rest easy with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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