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Mindfulness materials from Really Good Stuff® are designed to help your students become more aware of their surroundings, of what they’re doing, and being able live in the present with feeling overwhelmed. Our classroom mindfulness learning product line has many ways to remind kids to take a pause and reset — and that it’s okay to do so. These include mindfulness posters, rugs, bracelets, pencils, and stickers. Plus, mindfulness materials like our Mindful Minute offer a quick and easy opportunity to incorporate activities that help children focus and destress every day!

Help students raise awareness of themselves and their surroundings with mindfulness products created by teachers for teachers. Mindfulness activity cards and posters are cool interactive tools that do more than just say “relax”. They might offer breathing techniques for self-calming or provide a thought prompt about how to handle certain situations mindfully. Other mindfulness posters provide step-by-step instructions on how to take a meaningful mindful minute. This develops the social and emotional skills students need to remain “in the moment” in the classroom, at home, or on the playground. By offering these step-by-step instructions, our mindfulness tools for students instill a process in children that can help them all throughout life. By taking a minute, students will learn to center themselves and get ready for the challenges they’ll face ahead.

One of the best classroom mindfulness activities to introduce young students to is yoga. We carry tons of yoga supplies, so you can get your students involved in a relaxing activity that will teach them about being in the moment and controlling their bodies. We have yoga mats and posters that will let you lead a great session. You can also empower students to practice yoga on their own with a mini mat and poster set that visually guides them through common poses. For even more products that can help them better understand mindfulness, as well as their own emotions, explore our social-emotional learning products.

Call or email us Monday through Friday for assistance finding the right supplies. We have the best customer service team that helps teachers meet their biggest challenges, so they can help students meet theirs.