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measurement and data

25-45 of 45 items
Centimeter Grid Dry Erase Board Set
Really Good Stuff® Math Fusion Journals - Set of 12
Coordinate Graphing Book - 1 Book
Excellerations® Giant Growth Measuring Chart
How Long Is It? Measuring Tape
Excellerations® Balancing Bear Scale
Pink Tower and Stand
Excellerations® Spatial Relations Playset
Cylinder Blocks 2 - Thick to Thin
Cylinder Blocks - Set of 4 for Visual Discrimination of Size
Spindle Box
Spindle Box
Excellerations® Wooden Rulers - Set of 12
The Pink Tower
First Box of Color Tablets - Primary Colors
Excellerations® Classic Balance Scale with Bears
Marked Measurement Rulers - Eighths - 6 rulers
Tactile Shells for Sensory Exploration - 36 pcs
Set of Knobless Cylinders
Cylinder Blocks 3 - Width and Height
Cylinder Blocks 4 - Short to Tall
Cylinder Blocks 1 - Small to Large

Make counting, sorting, weighing, and graphing fun with our selection of data and measurement practice materials from Really Good Stuff®! We’ve curated an assortment of kid-test, teacher-approved products that make data & measurement for kids into a delightful experience.

Engaging Measurement Manipulatives

Shop through our measurement manipulatives for tactile sensory experiences that assist with numeracy and other crucial math concepts. Manipulatives for teaching measurement like our Excellerations® Milliliters Bucket Scale use hands-on learning and experimentation to educate children about volume and weight. Excellerations® Tweezer Tasks - Transportation Measurement, on the other hand, helps develop motor skills and early math skills through the use of tweezers and measurement practice with small, colorful vehicles.

Games, Charts, And Kits

Encourage measurement practice in children with unique games like the Map Skills – Missing Puppy Game, which uses the idea of finding lost puppies to engage children in map and measurement-based activities. For data practice, we offer dice-based games and magnetic charts that help children develop important graphing skills on their own or as part of a group activity.

For supplementary materials, our data and measurement practice tools include numeracy center kits and math journals. Featured learning success kits also include teacher-developed supplements across a range of grade levels.