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listening centers

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Listening Center - 1 listening center
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Listening Center - 1 listening center
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HamiltonBuhl Primo Stereo Headphones Red - 1 pair of headphones
Sanitary Headsets - Foam Ear Cushions
Sanitary Headsets - Deluxe Headphone With Volume Control
HamiltonBuhl AudioMVP Boombox CD/FM Media Player with Bluetooth Receiver
6-Person Val-U-Pak Bluetooth® Boombox Listening Center - 1 listening center
6-Person CD/MP3 Listening Center - 10-piece set
Headset With In-Line Mic - Gray
Portable Bluetooth® CD Player With Cassette And FM Radio Boom Box
6-Person Val-U-Pak USB, MP3, CD Listening Center - 1 listening center
Multi Pack Personal Headsets, TRRS w/ Mic. Foam ear cushions 200 Piece Value Pack
Multi Pack Personal Headsets, TRRS w/ Mic. Foam ear cushions 50 Piece Value Pack
Multi Pack Personal Headsets, TRRS w/ Mic. Foam ear cushions 100 Piece Value Pack
Multi Pack Personal Headsets, TRRS w/ Mic. Foam ear cushions 160 Piece Value Pack
Motiv8 TRRS Classroom Headset with Gooseneck Mic and In-line Volume Control
Gadgetz Earbuds - 12 sets
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Let your students learn by listening with these stereos and headphones for classrooms from Really Good Stuff®. Setting up a listening center is a great way to make your educational activities more dynamic. For students who learn best while listening without distractions, this type of setup can be ideal for advancing their education. Learn more about our listening center supplies and browse through this collection to find exactly what you need for this cool classroom feature.

What Is a Listening Center?

A listening center is an area of a classroom where students can put on headphones and hear all kinds of different recordings. It can be used to play audio books, listen to music or hear a language instruction course with pronunciations. Teachers sometimes incorporate time in listening centers as part of their lesson plans to give students a different way to approach the material. With the headphones on, many students are able to improve their focus and obtain a better grasp of the material. In addition, it provides a break from traditional classroom instruction that can be good for keeping students from getting antsy throughout the day.

Listening Center Supplies

There are plenty of great options when shopping for listening center supplies on our website. You can get bulk headphones for classrooms so that more than one student can be listening at once. A small CD player or cassette player is another must-have component. You can even find audio devices that play MP3 files for students. Just place these items in a specific area of the room, instruct students on how to use them properly and you’ll be all set to go. Get everything you need for an effective classroom listening center when you shop online for affordable teacher supplies at Really Good Stuff®.