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Keeping a classroom clean is necessary for happy, healthy, and productive students. Our selection of classroom cleaners, sanitization equipment, and other hygiene essentials can prevent the spread of germs. With our classroom hand sanitizers and air purifiers at your disposal, you can more effectively protect the well-being of your students, and as a result, keep them in the classroom! Shop our classroom cleaners and sanitizing equipment for use at school or for classrooms at home.

Protection from Airborne Pathogens

Our broad selection of face masks for kids and adults protect the wearer's nose and mouth from contact with droplets, splashes, and sprays that may contain germs. Others are also protected from exposure to saliva and respiratory secretions from the person wearing the mask. Bandanas and face shields are other types of available mouth and nose coverings.

Desktop barriers, sold individually or in sets, promote social distancing and further block airborne pathogens. Combined, both of these tools can protect the health and wellness of students during the colder months when flu and colds have an increased likelihood of spreading.

Learning About Handwashing and Microbes

Another area of focus is on handwashing and hand sanitizing. Our classroom hand sanitizers are available as sprays, gels, and liquids and come in a variety of sizes. For kids, the Glitter Bug Potion Black Light Germ Illumination Kit provides an impressive demonstration of how many germs can remain on hands, even after washing. For classrooms or group gatherings, check out our hand sanitizing stations with varying numbers of dispensers, in addition to wall and no-touch motion-activated hand sanitizer dispensers. These classroom hand sanitizer stations can prove indispensable when it comes to reducing and mitigating the spread of germs.

To assist in teaching children about proper hygiene, consider posting one or more of our bright-colored posters and classroom safety signs reminding students of restroom and handwashing hygienic procedures.

More Essential Sanitation Items

Other useful sanitation products include a portable UV light sanitizer, hand soap, wet wipes, all-purpose cleaners, a step-on trash can (no touching a germy lid), masking tape, cleaning tubs, and air purifiers for the classroom. In addition, keep one of our first aid kits on hand, as well as the non-contact infrared thermometer to check for possible fever. With a combined effort of classroom cleaners, safety supplies, face masks for kids, and classroom hand sanitizer stations, you can be prepared for cold and flu season!

Let Really Good Stuff® help keep yourself, your students, and your classroom healthy and better protected from germ transmission.

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