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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $79 OR $5 Flat Rate on orders under $79!
FREE SHIPPING on orders over $79 OR $5 Flat Rate on orders under $79!

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guided reading

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Learning Success: Grade 4 - Reading, Math, and SEL
Two-Sided Primary-Lined Sentence Strip Dry Erase Boards - 12 boards
I Can Prove It! E.Z.C. Reader® - 12 readers
I Can Prove It! E.Z.C. Reader® - 12 readers
$17.99 $29.99
You save: $12.00 (40.0%)
Colored Overlays - Set Of 10 Assorted Colors
Reading Genres 10-in-1 Poster Set
Learning Success: Grade 5 - Reading, Math, and SEL
E.Z.C. Reader Strips™ - 90 Strips
Read Every Day Folders - 12 folders
E.Z.C. Fluorescent Highlighter Tape - 1/2-in Wide - 60-ft Long
Close Reading Evidence Finder E.Z.C. Reader® - 12 readers
E.Z.C. Strips™ - Return Sweep - 90 Strips
My Own Tiny Take-Homes™: Nursery Rhymes - 36 books
EL Classroom Tool Kit - 1 multi-item kit
Flag Your Strategy Banner - 1 banner
Flag Your Strategy Banner - 1 banner
$1.99 $4.99
You save: $3.00 (60.0%)
Read With Me Folders - 12 folders
ELA Toolbox - Primary - 1 multi-item kit
ELA Toolbox - Primary - 1 multi-item kit
$123.94 $184.99
You save: $61.05 (33.0%)
Inference Maker E.Z.C. Readers® - 12 readers

Guided Reading Made Easier

Guided reading is a valuable approach used to help students be able to read a wide variety of material easily and with deep comprehension. Really Good Stuff® has developed products based on Common Core Standards to assist teachers, or parents working with their children on school reading at home, to successfully use guided reading principles and techniques.

Our Guided Reading Question Wands are a set of 30 color-coded and numbered wands that ask students standards-based, higher-order questions while they read independently or during guided reading sessions. The wands include 15 literature questions and 15 informational text questions to use before, during and after reading. The 10 different-colored wands correspond to Teaching Points skills that include main idea, key details, context clues, inference, vocabulary, text features, prediction, synthesis, integrate information, fluency, determine importance and more.

The Guided Reading Plans and Prompts: A Framework-for-Responsive Teaching is a visual tool you can use to see the processes, pacing, and prompts you need to most effectively instruct students at all levels of reading fluency. Five lesson menus are provided for pre-emergent, emergent, early, transitional and fluent readers. Each shows the components/materials, skills/strategies, activities and prompts for completing the lesson plan templates. Additional resources for teachers are also provided, such as level-specific skills, lesson time, text selection criteria and more.

Teaching metacognition and critical thinking skills is easier with our Teaching Points™ Comprehension Clips: Grades 4 to 6. Each color-coded clip has a standards-based teaching point and question. Simply slip the clips onto any text for interactive read-aloud, written response and assessment. Skill areas include author's purpose, context clues, determine importance, fluency, infer, integrate information, literary features, questioning, synthesize and text features. The helpful guide included with this set features at-a-glance numbered lists of 120 teaching points, skills and strategies.

Citing Textual Evidence Easily

The I Can Prove It! E.Z.C. Reader® gives students confidence that the answers are in the text and can be found through critical thinking during rereading. Students are challenged to prove their answer is supported by the text, using the EZC Reader to frame it. They can utilize one of the five standards-based reasons to find evidence for their answers.

Another excellent hands-on tool for citing textual evidence is our Close Reading Evidence Finder E.Z.C. Reader®. Common Core literature and informational text questions are literally right at students' fingertips as they are engaged framing text with their fingers on the flocked fingerprints. The colored windows truly line up text for struggling readers.

Our Colored Overlays Set of 10 Assorted Colors are one more way students with reading difficulties can be supported. This set offers overlays in ten assorted, soothing colors to use according to individual readers' needs and preferences. The overlays cover an 8½" x 11" page.