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Giant Energy Stick®

Item #850025
Steve Spangler Science


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Product Overview

Turn your body into a human conductor of electricity!
A hands-on approach to safely explore the science of electricity!

In most developed countries, electricity is found everywhere. With how significant and vital electricity is to our everyday, it’s essential for kids to not overlook its importance and garner knowledge of this energy and how to use it safely. With the Steve Spangler Science Giant Energy Stick, they learn about electricity science as it comes to life in the palm of their hands. As a highly popular STEM circuit kit that comes complete with an instruction card –teaching young scientists about open and closed circuits, conductors and insulators –children begin to learn how electrodes work. With electrodes on each end of this conductor stick, children simply place one hand on each end to complete the circuit, sparking the emittance of sound and fun flashing lights.

How does it work?
By touching both silver rings with your skin, you have turned your body into a circuit. When you touch both silver rings at the same time, tiny negative charges called electrons flow on your skin around your body from one end of the Giant Energy Stick® to the other. The flashing lights and buzzing sound are telling you that your body (your skin) is a conductor of electricity.

What does it teach?
The Energy Stick is a great toy to explore the science of electricity and circuits. The Energy Stick’s sensing circuit is so sensitive that it can detect even a very small amount of electricity that travels across your skin! It’s completely safe, and it’s a totally cool way to learn about conductors of electricity.

Try It With Friends!
Invite everyone to join in the fun by holding hands and forming a large circle to test their conductivity.
Place Your Hands on Both Ends of the Giant Energy Stick®!
Flashing lights and sound maker let you know that you’ve completed a circuit! You can even test different objects in your house to see if they are a conductor!

Instruction Card is Included
A step-by-step instruction card is included that explains the science behind the Giant Energy Stick®.

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  • Now the Giant Energy Stick® is over 11 inches tall!
  • Explore the science of electricity and circuits while turning your body into a human conductor of electricity
  • It’s completely safe, and it’s a totally cool way to learn about conductors of electricity

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