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free-standing shelves

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Environments® Sign-In and Message Center - Ready to Assemble
MyPerfectClassroom™ Mobile Activity Storage Table with Casters
Toddler Mobile Shelving Unit - 1 shelf
Sidekick - Mobile Teacher Seat with Storage - 1 storage
MyPerfectClassroom Dress-Up Storage - 1 storage
Straight Round-A-Bout Cabinet
Double-Sided Mobile Shelf Storage Island - 1 storage
MyPerfectClassroom VersaSpace Open 2-Shelf Storage - 1 storage
Curve-Out Round-A-Bout Cabinet
Wood Clear Back Storage - 1 storage
MyPerfectClassroom Toddler Storage With Clear Back and Mirrors - 1 storage
Wood Designs™ Mobile Cabinet - 1 cabinet
Environments® Infant Toddler Safe Book Display
MyPerfectClassroom Curved Storage Unit - 1 storage
Double Island - 1 storage
Drop Ship
MyPerfectClassroom® Mobile Toddler 2-Shelf Storage with Clear Back and Casters
Angeles Value Line Toddler Book Display - 1 book display
Toddler Divided Shelf Mobile Storage Plexiglas Back - 1 storage
MyPerfectClassroom VersaSpace Hutch Cabinet - 1 cabinet
Environments® Toddler Divided Storage - Assembled
Locking 2-Shelf Storage with Doors
Organize your classroom with the help of free-standing shelves from Really Good Stuff®. These shelving units are perfect for placing in any spot where you could use a little extra storage space. Whether it’s a simple bookshelf, a handy spot to stash toys or a dedicated place for your art supplies, you’ll appreciate just how easy it is to find the storage solution you need with these free-standing shelves. Check out our complete collection to find the classroom furniture that works best for your space.

The Benefits of a Free-Standing Shelf

As a teacher, keeping a classroom organized can be a daunting challenge. There are so many supplies to sort and store, and when students have access to those items, they can be constantly misplaced. A free-standing shelf, however, can help to create a more organized, neat and tidy environment in your classroom. These shelves are great for items that need to be easy for students to reach. They are often placed on the floor so that students can pull out reading materials or grab pencils, paper and other supplies at a moment’s notice. The storage space also makes it clear where these items need to be returned when not in use, which helps to encourage personal responsibility while minimizing cleanup time for teachers. Free-standing shelves are also easy to move to other locations around the room as needed, so you’re not tied to one room layout for the entire school year.

Types of Classroom Shelves

At Really Good Stuff®, you’ll find a great selection of shelving units for classrooms. Folding book shelves or book racks can be quickly set up and taken down for specific events. A small bookshelf or reading cove provides a gathering place for students. Create a unique spot for students to gather for special projects or assignments with seats that feature shelving space on the bottom. These and other helpful classroom storage solutions can be found at great prices on our website.