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Create a learning space that changes with your needs throughout the school day, giving you a classroom where you and your students will feel comfortable, focused, and inspired.

Check out our innovative array of flexible seating and teaching options designed or curated by experienced classroom teachers for teachers because they understand what a supportive classroom environment calls for.

So, why flexible seating? Just as each of us has a unique set of fingerprints, we all learn in different ways. The flexible seating classroom products available at Really Good Stuff® allow you to custom-design practically any space to suit individual educational needs and goals. The selection of alternative seating for the classroom and other products here empower you to give your students the best classroom experience possible.

All that’s left now is a couple common questions we hear: what is flexible seating in the classroom, and what are flexible classrooms?

Unlike traditional classrooms with desks and chairs lined up like a regiment of soldiers, an alternative seating classroom empowers educators to customize all or part of their space to meet the learning needs of each and every student. Research on flexible seating and classrooms suggests these innovative techniques will lead to better learning outcomes.

Alternative seating for students is particularly appropriate for younger children just learning to adapt to their new academic environment. Alternative seating in classrooms offers something different from the standard desk-and-chair combo. Creative elementary classroom seating arrangements might include ball chairs or wobble chairs, which can help kids burn off excess energy and anxiety while making learning fun.

In addition to flexible seating for classrooms, you’ll find plenty of other products here designed by teachers for teachers to give you the most flexible classroom possible. These include mobile accessories like portable dry-erase boards and school-supply caddies that give you the ability to work with small or large groups practically anywhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that being flexible is paramount. Flexible learning is the pedagogical ideal of meeting students where they are and supporting all ability levels with the tools to grow and succeed. Students learn in different ways. Creating a flexible learning space makes your job easier by helping each student feel comfortable, focused and inspired.

The traditional idea of a classroom requires identical chairs and desks lined up like a regiment of soldiers. Flexible seating explodes this antiquated notion by helping teachers customize portions or the entirety of a classroom with alternative seating options that meet the needs of various types of learners. Choices include floor mats for small groups, wobble chairs for burning off anxious energy, mobile options for moving between rooms and more.

Whether you’re reinforcing social distancing requirements, addressing behavior issues or developing a distance-learning space at home, flexible seating is designed to create the best learning environment possible for every student. The purpose of flexible seating is to support effective education in any space for any learner.

Any classroom may include several areas marked off for a variety of activities. If your curriculum involves hands-on lessons, story-telling time, physical activities or lessons that venture outdoors, flexible classroom seating is right for you. There are so many options to choose from that, truly, every classroom can benefit from flexible seating.

Start by assessing your students and curriculum for flexible seating needs. If you encounter students with attention difficulties or special needs, choose flexible seating that helps keep them focused or accommodates their physical limitations. Draw a floor plan of your learning space and mark off areas for individual quiet time, group activities, music or arts education and more. Then identify the classroom furniture that will make organization, identification and access as easy as possible.

The best flexible seating options help your students feel comfortable, focused and inspired. Browse the options at Really Good Stuff for the best prices and easy payment plans that keep you within your budget while tailoring the learning environment to your classroom needs.

A Classroom That Works for You

  • Portable seating, floor seating, and caddies let kids pick up and work anywhere.
  • Mobile teaching and supply stations allow you to teach from anywhere too.
  • Furniture can be arranged in different configurations to create collaborative learning spaces.

Power of Choice

  • Give students a choice in where and how they learn best with flexible seating options.
  • Set up learning areas to accommodate specific teaching and learning styles.

Physical & Mental Health

  • Ergonomic design of our teacher and student furniture ensures comfort and correct posture.
  • Special seats let kids (and teachers!) safely and quietly wobble, rock, or bounce. Students can also lean or stand.

Foster Focus

  • Movement lets kids release energy and anxiety while increasing oxygen to the brain, keeping them alert, focused, and productive.
  • Sensory stimulation helps children focus and process information; ideal for students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), attention deficit disorder (ADD), and autism spectrum disorder (ASD).