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file folders and envelopes

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Letter Size Manila Folders - Box of 100
8-Pocket Student Homework Organizers - 4 organizers
8-Pocket Student Homework Organizers - 4 organizers
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Organization Clears the Path to Learning

As a teacher, you know the fundamental importance of being organized. In fact, it’s likely that the organizational skills you rely on in your school or home classroom are evident in the rest of your life as well. To assist you wherever you are, Really Good Stuff offers plenty of paperwork storage options with these attractive and sturdy envelopes, portfolios and pocket folders.

The Plastic Envelopes with Hook-and-Loop Closure come in a set of 12, and are perfect for organizing things like lesson plans, work to be graded, or worksheets for various segments of your curriculum. Rugged and secured by a convenient hook-and-loop closure, these envelope file folders come in an assortment of colors and are translucent for easy identification of contents. Similar to this are the Homework Envelopes with Grouping Colors, which provide two each of six different, vibrant colors to help with organizing group materials.

For keeping categorized materials all in one place, try the Pocket Student Homework Organizers, convenient, spiral-bound pocket folders — wear-, tear- and moisture-resistant — with eight separate pockets to hold homework for various subjects or groups of students.

Our file folders with tabs are another way to keep your paperwork in order. These folders come in packs of 12, featuring six different colors to give you unlimited organizing possibilities for lesson plans, homework sets, group project organizing and more. With tabs for clear labeling, they are easy to identify and grab when needed.

Train Your Students to be Excellent Organizers

It’s important to train your students in organizing skills, too, and Really Good Stuff offers affordable multi-pocket folders to help. Check out the 6-Pocket Organizing Folders, which come in packs of 12 to give out to your students. These bright-colored student organizers have pockets that kids can label by subject, as well as lines where they can write down assignments with the date.

Work with your students on separating papers and recording assignments, in order to reinforce great organizing habits as early as possible. The 6-Pocket Color-Coded Folders give them a start on this by featuring distinct colors for three different subjects.

By offering multi-packs and volume discounts on our already reasonably priced products, Really Good Stuff makes it fun and affordable to be a Really Good organizer!

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