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Emoji stuff from Really Good Stuff helps you decorate your classroom and delight students.

From a pedagogy standpoint, the evolution of emoji in communication is remarkable for its efficiency and creativity. The messages students can convey using those small pictures helps students get comfortable with sharing emotions and developing language skills. Older people may not quite see the benefits, but trust us: Emoji are a standard part of conversation these days — even between grown-ups such as teachers.

That’s why we developed a line of products for an emoji classroom theme. With emoji, you can speak students’ language and give them an unparalleled level of relatability in your classroom.

Our products aren’t cheap throwaways meant to capitalize off a trend. Our product development team is comprised of teachers just like you, who learned what works and what doesn’t in a classroom. Kids can detect authenticity and honesty quickly, after all. So we made sure our emoji stuff focuses on educational goals and purposes.

Light bulb, Star Eyes, Thumbs Up

Here are some ideas how you can use emoji in your classroom:

  • Decorations. We have bulletin board decorations and other classroom decorations that feature these awesome yellow smiley faces.
  • Rewards: Emoji stickers will go over well with all sorts of students. Reward good behavior or excellent scores on assignments or tests.
  • Communicating emotions: It may be hard for students to open up. Pointing to a face may help them express themselves better, and teach them how to deal with emotions.
  • Fun puzzles: Use emojis to “spell out” words in subjects you have been studying.

Contact us today — we get all heart eyes hearing from teachers and the challenges they face in their classroom. We may have the perfect emoji-themed products that help you reinforce lessons, teach concepts and make your classroom more welcoming.