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dough & clay

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Colorations® Mix and Match Sensory Dough Balls - Set of 4
Slime Activator, 4 oz
Colorations® Alphabet and Number Dough Cutters - 72 Piece Set
Colorations® Wheat and Gluten Free Dough and Tool Starter Set
Colorations® IncredibleFoam® Dough Buckets - Set of 4
Colorations® Dough Cutter Assortment and Rollers - Set of 34
Colorations® Wheat and Gluten Free Classic Dough - 4 Each of 6 Colors, Each 5oz
Colorations® IncredibleFoam® Dough Value Pack - Set of 7
Colorations® Starter Tool and Family Tool Set - 48 Pieces
Colorations® Non-Hardening Clay - 12 Sets, 6 Colors Each
Colorations® Non-Hardening Clay - 24 Sets, Each 6 Colors
Colorations® Non-Hardening Clay - Set of 30
Colorations® Non-Hardening Clay - Set of 6
Colorations® Classroom Value Bulk Non-Hardening Clay - Set of 36

Moldable Fun

Our assortment of clay dough and accessories at Really Good Stuff® provides endless opportunities for fun, creativity, and imagination! With our kid-safe Colorations® dough and other shapeable products, there’s no telling what kind of silly creations and expressive creatures your students will conjure up!

Clay dough is a great resource for classrooms and homeschool teachers because it’s more than just a fun tool of expression. Beyond encouraging creativity and exploration, our dough sets help develop fine motor skills. Through hands-on sensory experiences, dough can be shaped and reshaped over and over again. Add unique tools and accessories, like our Colorations® Textured Dough Rolling Pins or Mix and Match Sensory Dough Balls, to your next play session, and provide even more opportunities for children to refine motor skills and engage with playful exercises that can create a sense of calm.

A Wide Variety to Shape Your Classroom

Whether you’re looking for a classroom set of Colorations® Classic Dough or something more along the lines of our Excellerations® Cloud Clay, we have moldable dough and clay for kids in several different forms, many of which can offer unique sensory experiences. Cloud Clay is soft, puffy, and extremely light, which makes it great for shaping into unique objects. Our Colorations® IncredibleFoam® Dough is comprised of squishy, sticky beads that, while easily moldable, can provide a different feel. For a new dimension to your children’s clay dough sessions, try out our Colorations® Creative Creatures Dough Builders, which offer attachable pieces like eyes, hands, feet, mouths, and more that bring personality to play time.

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