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dolls & accessories

Educational Doll Sets & Accessories

Dolls have long been a favorite children’s toy — and studies have shown they play a big role in a kid’s development. Using them for role-playing and world creation supports imagination, empathy, independence, communication and motor skills, just to name a few benefits. Having a favorite doll also promotes a sense of security and belonging while relieving anxiety.

Shop at Really Good Stuff® for classroom dolls and figurines at the best prices. Use them for playtime or as part of your teaching strategy. Preschool, elementary and even middle school students can experience the benefits of dramatic play with their favorite educational dolls.

Role-Playing Dolls for Kids

Choose from dozens of classic, full-size educational dolls to meet the needs of your students. We have baby, toddler, child and adult dramatic play dolls in many designs. These dolls feature many racial and ethnic backgrounds, which promotes diversity and comfort with one’s identity. Themed dolls, as found in our career doll sets, provide further opportunities for teaching and promoting community awareness.Outfits and other accessories allow kids to customize their dolls as part of creative world-building.

Multicultural Dolls

Celebrate diversity, increase cultural awareness, and boost students’ self-esteem with multicultural dolls. At Really Good Stuff, we have a variety of multicultural doll sets that support social-emotional learning and development. By adding multicultural dolls to the classroom, teachers can foster an environment of acceptance among their students, as well as instill a greater understanding of people and cultures from around the globe. This understanding, in turn, can instill lifelong empathy and connection with peers from all walks of life. Shop for multicultural dolls individually or in sets.

Smaller figurines and action figures are also available to maximize playtime. Animal toy sets go beyond the human world to let kids play the role of their favorite creature. There are forest animals, ocean animals, dinosaur buckets and many others — and it’s easy for several kids to play at once. Curated collections allow you to order everything you need for classroom role-play with a single click. Our Free Resources Library has even more ideas to help you meet everyday teaching challenges.

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