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crayons, markers & chalk

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Colorations Chubby Crayon Eggs - Set of 8
Colorations Black Permanent Markers - Set of 12
Crayola® Colors of the World Crayons
Colorations® Regular Crayons, Set of 24 Colors, 24 Packs
Colorations® Large Crayons - 8 Colors, Set of 400
Colorations Large Triangular Crayon Classpack - Set of 200
Dabber Markers Set of 22
Drop Ship
Colorations Chubby Markers, 8 Colors, 24 Packs
Lap-Size Chalkboards, 9" x 12", Set of 10
Chubby Crayons - Set of 40
Colorations® Dry Erase Chisel Tip Markers - Set of 8
22 Dab Markers with 3 Drawing Pads
Colorations Fabric Markers- Set of 24
Colorations® My First Stubby Chalk - Set of 160
Dabber Dot Stencils and Dabber Marker Kit
Colorations® Marker and Crayon Combo Pack - 400 Pieces
Colorations® Chunky Chalk Eggs - Set of 18
Colorations Chubby Crayon Eggs - Set of 24
Colorations® Chalk Board Boards, Erasers, Chalk for 10 Students
Colorations Washable Shiny Dabber Dot Markers, Set of 6
Colorations® Washable Chubby Markers - Set of 200
Colorations Permanent Marker Classroom Pack - 84 Pieces
Colorations Washable Chubby Marker Smart Pack - Set of 300
Crayola® Pip-Squeaks Skinnies – Set Of 64 Washable Markers

No classroom is quite complete without plenty of coloring and drawing utensils. Besides your basic pencils and pens, you need colorful choices like crayons and markers. These can be used for everything from writing assignments to arts and crafts projects. At Really Good Stuff®, we carry crayons, markers, colored pencils, gel pens and more in a range of styles and colors. We even have sidewalk chalk so you can take the fun outdoors on warm and sunny days.

Color, Draw and Write

Whether your students are completing Ready-To-Decorate® projects, drawing in their free time or writing sentences, you want to make sure they have the right tools. Our crayons, markers, pens and more are available in a wide selection of colors. We carry markers and crayons in standard rainbow colors as well as more fun styles. You’ll find exciting options like scented colored pencils, neon crayons, gel pens and multicultural markers.

Depending on the size of your class and the types of projects you do, you might need more or fewer crayons and markers than other classes. That’s why we carry coloring supplies in different quantities to match your needs. For smaller classes, you can purchase individual packs for each of your students. If you have a larger class or multiple classes coming through your room, you might want more. We have packs of 800 crayons, 240 colored pencils and 256 markers so you can always be well-stocked.

Options for All Ages

Younger students often lack the dexterity needed to hold regular crayons and pencils, which is why we carry options for all age groups. If you teach toddlers or kids in pre-K, then you’ll want to check out our crayon eggs, which fit in children’s palms. My First Crayola Tripod Grip Markers are also a great option and come in a shape that’s easier for tiny hands to hold. On the flipside, you should only use permanent markers and gel pens if your students are older and less likely to make a mess or draw on themselves.