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Art Activities Develop Social Skills

SEL art kits are a great resource for encouraging children to express themselves while instilling a sense of peace and calm. Children can enjoy creating beautiful art projects in the classroom while developing important skills with social-emotional learning art activities from Really Good Stuff®. Social-emotional art activities like the Colorations® Moods™ Bright Blossoms Kit are great for fostering a sense of calmness, serenity and renewal. The Bright Blossoms Kit includes everything needed for two rewarding SEL art projects that children can display once complete. With our set of SEL art kits, students can make new friends in the classroom when they engage in social-emotional learning through art.

SEL Art: Calming and Restful

Children need to learn self-care skills so that they can calm themselves down in today's fast-paced world. Teach young ones how to create inner peace and serenity with the Colorations® Moods™ Restful Winds kit from Really Good Stuff. This SEL art kit includes a wooden wind chime and a paper fan that children can decorate with four calming shades of non-toxic paint. The paint, brushes and a reusable paint palette are all included. Art activities for social-emotional learning show children how to express themselves and find serenity and peace through creative activities using colors that foster that specific mood. Integrating arts and social-emotional learning into the classroom help today's teachers bring out the best in their young students.

Help Children Express Their Individuality

Teachers can help children express their individuality with Colorations® Moods™ SEL art kits from Really Good Stuff. The Believe in Me Set includes six kits; each kit includes everything needed to complete three healing art projects to help children develop their motor skills and an appreciation for color and beauty. This set must be used with adult supervision, as it contains small parts that may be a choking hazard. The Inspiring Growth Colorations® Moods™ SEL art kit is another great activity that encourages children to express themselves with ceramic vases and flower pots. As children decorate and color the vases and pots, they’ll grow and develop internally, much like the flowers that these vases and pots can be used for after the social-emotional learning art project is finished.

Looking for more activities and ideas? Pair these art kits with other teacher-developed social-emotional learning solutions that can help children practice and develop skills they’ll use throughout their lives.