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classroom setup and organization

Classroom Setup and Organization

Every teacher knows that a well-organized classroom is a well-run classroom. Whether you're an experienced teacher, brand new to teaching or a parent who has chosen to homeschool your kids, you know that the most successful learning environments are well-planned, well-stocked and well-organized. At Really Good Stuff®, our classroom setup and organization supplies are geared specifically to provide teachers and homeschool parents everything they need to foster effective teaching. With our smart classroom setup ideas, fruitful learning can take place all year long!

Color-Coded Organization and Storage

Explore our huge selection of storage solutions and classroom setup equipment that take the time and the guesswork out of creating your own supply areas. Many of our teachers find that color-coded items make classroom setup easier and more organized for both themselves and their students. That’s why many of the items in our classroom setup section are color-coded to facilitate systematizing individual and group work. Check out our chair pockets (which fit over chairs and offer storage for children's work in spacious pouches on the back), classroom carts, folders, supply caddies, book baskets, colored cup organizers, plastic supply stations, paper-sized plastic envelopes, pop-in labels and more.

Larger options for group organization and storage include storage racks, generous-sized hanging totes (on a sturdy rack), clipboard stands and wooden paper organizers. If you can’t find your classroom setup and organization supplies here, we are pretty sure you won’t find them anywhere!

Pocket and Progress Charts

Classroom storage solutions are great for organization, but effective classroom setup also requires regular maintenance and goals. From planning throughout the year to monitoring progress, charts are effective visuals on tangible goals and/or classroom achievements. Our colorful, versatile charts allow students to gather and collect exactly the information they need. We also have some great options for places where students can submit their in-class or at-home assignments. Customize your pocket chart(s) any way you like to meet the needs of your group.

Even More Helpful Ideas

The proper classroom setup and organization also includes management tools that empower students to find answers and materials on their own. By incorporating these ideas, group dynamics can be smoother and more productive. Mail centers, for example, are an excellent way to set up a central location where children can find their corrected work or turn in new assignments to be graded, which in turn helps students feel confident in managing tasks on their own. A few of our must-have teaching products include double-sided dry-erase clipboards, which students can use over and over for practice, plastic Desktop Helpers™ to remind students of main lesson points, sticky note reminders to take home, write-and-draw journals, and of course, kid-friendly affirmations to keep children (and you) thinking positively.

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