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classroom mailboxes

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Get your messages to students easily with classroom mailboxes from Really Good Stuff.

Despite the advances of technology affecting what adults receive from the postal service, mail remains exciting for children. A student mailbox teaches an important lesson about responsibility and staying informed — that’s a lesson that will follow them all throughout their lives.

We’ve been helping teachers for more than 25 years at Really Good Stuff. From our customers to the teachers on our product development staff, we know how important student mailboxes are for maintaining communication and teaching responsibility. A teacher mailbox station gives you a place to return assignments, pass on messages for parents, share holiday greetings and distribute certificates or other rewards.

Because our product development staff is comprised of teachers who have spent time working with students in classrooms, our mail centers are designed with teachers and students in mind.

Variety of Features

What kinds of needs do you have for school mailbox storage? Our collection gives you plenty of options:

  • Basics: Most of these mail centers feature a three-by-nine configuration to accommodate 27 students.
  • Smaller, larger configurations: If you need office staff mailboxes or just a small school post box on your desk, you’ll find plenty of options.
  • Colors: We carry mailboxes in bold primary colors for younger students and more refined palettes for older ones.
  • Accessories: Some of these classroom mail centers feature empty slots, others feature drawers and cubbies for a bit more organization or privacy.
  • Extras: Some of these sets feature larger bins and paper holders for even more storage and convenience.

No matter which set you pick, you’ll get a high-quality mailbox center made with premium materials for durability and long life. Contact us today and tell us about how you use mailboxes. We love talking with teachers and sharing some of the ideas we’ve picked up over the years.