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FREE SHIPPING on Orders Over $99 - use code SUMR99
FREE SHIPPING on Orders Over $99 - use code SUMR99

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ceiling hooks, hangers, and clips

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The Crossover Grip - Classic - 6pc
The Crossover Grip - Neon - 6pc
BinderClips-Small 3/8" Capacity
Paper Clips Vinyl Coated
Binder Clips-Mini 1/4" Capacity
Push Pins - Assorted
Pencil Pals Set Of 12 Single Color
Ceiling Hanglers - pack of 10.
Stikki-Clips® - 30 per pack
Classroom Management Rainbow Clothespins - 6 Colors
Pencil Pals 144 Pack Single Color
BinderClip-Medium 5/8" Capacity
Pencil Pals™ - 144 Pack
Colorations® Hook Self-Adhesive Fastener - 25 Yards
Plastic Rings - Set of 12
The Pencil Grip Neon 6pc
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Count on ceiling hangers, clips, grips and other accessories from Really Good Stuff to customize your classroom exactly how you like.

Your students create a wide variety of projects in class, especially in the art department. Showing off those works is an important part of the assignment — once it is completed, seeing it displayed proudly on a wall with a student’s name can help increase self-esteem and motivation.

Wall space runs out quickly, however — especially in classrooms with a lot of windows. Teachers have to get quite creative in hunting down ways to display work.

That’s where our collection of hooks, hangers, clips and grips comes in so handy.

Accessories Aplenty

At Really Good Stuff, we offer products intended to help teachers and other educators. Quality is important — those accessories need to be durable and strong, so that they remain functional year after year.

That’s why you’ll love our collection of ceiling hangers, wall hooks, wall clips and more. Our product development team is comprised of teachers. That means you’ll find a ton of classroom-tested innovation, from completely unique products to plentiful supplies of traditional items used in creative ways.

  • Ceiling hangers, for instance: These are especially valuable for displaying decorations or student creations that are double-sided. Think about snowflakes, hearts, Easter eggs, pumpkins or other holiday symbols hanging from the ceiling. How fun!
  • Wall clips such as our Stikki-Clips let you hang a variety of paper assignments easily, without tape that can damage the paper.
  • Clothespins can be used for marking assignments or responsibilities.

We also offer a variety of pencil grips, paper clips and other school supplies intended to make busywork easier to get done.

Contact us today for more information. Tell us about your classroom and any upcoming assignments. Our staff members can point you to hangers and clips that help you show off your students’ excellent work.