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calming corner

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Inspire U Posters - Think Positive And Positive... - 1 poster
Slush Sensory Ball
Slush Sensory Ball
$7.19 $7.99
You get an extra 10% off
Really Good Stuff® Dolphin Liquid Timer
Excellerations® Spectacular Sensory Sand™ 4 lbs.
SoftScape Dew Drop Bean Bag
Drop Ship
Really Good Stuff® Guided Meditation Flip Chart - All Ages
Excellerations® Sensory Stress Balls - Set of 4
Tangle Jr. - Classic - 1 tangle
Color Morph Gel Ball
Color Morph Gel Ball
$6.29 $7.33
You get an extra 10% off
Lava Lamp 11.5"
Excellerations® Large Liquid Tile Blue
Reset Spot Kit
Really Good Stuff® Guided Meditation for Kids Flip Chart
Spike Fij-its - Red/Aqua 2-Pack
"Calm-Down Time" Board Book
Excellerations® Liquid Tile Rectangle
Environments® Sea Reflection Corner
Excellerations® Calming Pipe Tubes - 200 Pieces
Excellerations® Liquid Tile Hexagon
Infinity Sensory Loop – Set of 6
Really Good Stuff® Take A Mindful Minute Photo Cards - 11 cards
Tangle Jr. - Fringed - 1 tangle

Calming corners are fast becoming an essential classroom space for managing feelings and emotions. With our selection of classroom calming corner bundles and materials, you can create a safe space that can help students calm down, de-stress, and relax.

Calming Corner Bundles

Our calming corner bundles come in different sizes and themes that are both fun and soothing for children. Each bundle includes everything you need for a calm-down area in the classroom. Bundles come with seating or a hanging nest with suspension, sensory toys, weighted blankets, and other calming corner materials. These classroom calming corner bundles are great for educators or teachers looking for a complete setup.

Build Your Own Calm-Down Corner in the Classroom

At Really Good Stuff, we offer a plethora of materials for educators and teachers to create their own calm-down corners in the classroom. Shop for sensory and fidget toys, weighted blankets and vests, seating, sensory decor, and cozy calming corner furniture. Our selection comes in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can find the perfect fit with your classroom’s layout and theme. Let us help you create a soothing and effective calm-down area in your classroom!

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