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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $79 OR $5 Flat Rate on orders under $79!
FREE SHIPPING on orders over $79 OR $5 Flat Rate on orders under $79!
FREE SHIPPING on orders over $79 OR $5 Flat Rate on orders under $79!

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bookcases, cubbies and shelves

Store classroom supplies, student materials and more with classroom cubbies from Really Good Stuff.

Our staff at Really Good Stuff includes a lot of teachers, and it’s hard to find one of them who says that organization and cleanliness aren’t important. We’re not talking about motherly “clean your room” philosophy, here: Research into pedagogy and teaching methods shows numerous benefits of an orderly, organized classroom.

Our classroom bookshelf systems help you manage all those messes. From smaller mailboxes to larger cubbies, these systems help you store a wide variety of things that are regularly accessed throughout the day.

Superb Storage

We could dive into those research papers, but instead, it’s probably easier to compare your own experience, here:

  • Materials are easier to locate, distribute and store.
  • Students feel a boost from seeing something with their name on it, and develop a sense of responsibility for watching it.
  • Shelves and cubbies collect a mess without visually distracting from your bulletin boards and other displays.

Wide Variety

Not every classroom is created equally. Sometimes, the facilities are lacking, and shelving systems are one of the most commonly omitted items in classrooms. That’s why we offer school cubby storage systems, organizers and other shelves that are affordable and durable. These systems are teacher- and student-tested, and priced just right.

Browse through our collection: We carry a wide variety of sizes and options, from desktop organizers to message and assignment centers, from drawers that fit inside student desks to bookshelves that display covers instead of spines.

What kind of storage needs do you have? Contact us today: We love hearing from teachers who talk about how they make a difference in students’ lives. Tell us about your challenges, and we can point you toward a classroom bookshelf system that helps you do your job more effectively.