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Bins, Boxes, Baskets: Smart Classroom Storage

Keep the classroom neat, organized and colorful with high-quality storage bins, boxes, tubs and baskets from Really Good Stuff™. These fundamental storage solutions help you neaten up all of your day-to-day classroom mainstays, including books, binders, folders, art supplies, rulers and so much more. From all-purpose storage tubs to tailor-made book storage bins, our selection of plastic storage containers helps ensure that your classroom as a fun, relaxing place to learn and explore.

Our variety includes a huge array of all-purpose, rugged plastic bins. Storage is made simpler with these sturdy folders and book bins that can be easily wiped clean when they get dirty. Available in a huge assortment of shapes, sizes and colors, these bins are sure to become the backbone of your perfectly orderly classroom, library, play space or arts and crafts corner. Shop styles with magnets, which are great for sticking on the dry erase board for fast access to your marker and supplies, and dividers to help create easy organization for books, magazines, handouts and more.

Classroom Organization Made Easy

All of these storage products are uniquely designed to help you coordinate large quantities of classroom must-haves relatively easy, and some even have built-in label holders with protective plastic covers so you can easily customize each bin to whatever you intend to use it for. Our label bins also come with high-quality cardstock paper labels that fit perfectly in the label holders, so you don’t even have to worry about creating them yourself. Because these storage options come in a range of attractive, primary colors, you can choose the styles that match your classroom design scheme or create color-coded storage that suits your precise needs.