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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $49
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arts & crafts price drops

49-72 of 250 items
Colorations® Blunt Tip Scissors, 5" Set of 12
School Pro® Electric Pencil Sharpener
Colorations® Metallic Gel Paint 16 oz.
Colorations® Acrylic Paint, 8 oz. - Set of 8
Colorations® Tempera Sticks - Set of 42
Colorations® Jumbo Washable Classroom Stamp Pad
Colorations® 1/2 Gallon Red Simply Washable Tempera Paint
Colorations® Glitter Liquid Watercolor™, 8 oz.
Colorations® Powder Tempera Paint - 1 lb.
Colorations® Garden Stencils - Set of 12 Designs
Colorations® Natural Craft Stick Classroom Pack - 1,200 Pieces
Colorations® Sidewalk Chalk Classroom Value Pack - Set of 126
Colorations® 1/2 Gallon White Simply Washable Tempera Paint
Colorations® 1/2 Gallon Orange Simply Washable Tempera Paint
Colorations® Glitter Glue Classroom Pack - Set of 30
Fadeless® Paper Roll, 48"W x 50'L
Colorations® Regular Wood Craft Sticks - 1000 Pieces
Colorations® Keep-It-Clean Plastic Art Mats - Set of 6
Colorations® Jumbo Fun Shapes Foam Beads - 500 Pieces
Colorations® Familiar Shapes Stencils, 8" - Set of 12
Colorations® Tropical Tempera Paint Cakes, 8 Colors in Tray
Colorations® Mini Bleeding Tissue Art Squares - 5000 Squares
Crayola® Artista II® Washable Tempera Paint – 16 oz.
Ticonderoga® Beginners® No. 2 Pencils - With Erasers, Set of 12

At Really Good Stuff, we offer the best arts and crafts supplies at amazing prices. Shop our Price Drops selection for discount art supplies for the classroom! Whether you’re looking to replenish classroom essential arts and craft supplies or in need of crafty, new ideas for engaging your students, our selection covers necessities like washable paint, markers, and pens and unique discount craft supplies like 3D wooden models and blank paper fans.

Exciting Discount Craft Supplies

Stock up on essentials with our selection of discount craft supplies. At Really Good Stuff, we offer great deals on classroom must-haves like scissors, glue, and pipe cleaners. We also carry a wide range of affordable craft supplies that could make your next arts and crafts session extraordinary! Check out our ready-to-decorate 3D wooden models and pallets and our bead accessories. Our low-priced arts and crafts supplies offer unique opportunities to introduce new activities into the classroom at a more comfortable price for your budget.

Essential Discount Art Supplies

For creative and active children, having a steady supply of classroom art materials is crucial. We offer many essential discount art supplies like washable paints, dough, clay, and coloring utensils. Our Price Drops also include protective supplies like art smock sets for the classroom, and we have a wide variety of paper for sale. Replenish your classroom essentials with our discount art supplies, and make sure your students have everything they need to create their next artistic masterpieces.

Looking for other discount classroom essentials? Check out our selection of affordable classroom storage solutions on our Plastic Price Drops page. For even more offers and promotions, check out our Really Good Stuff Deals.

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